These ground orchids or Bamboo Orchid flowers are common in Sri Lanka and even in Singapore. These are beautiful, colourful and even look cheerful to me. During a recent Sri Lanka holiday, I found these flowers in my parents’ home garden and spent time capturing a few photos.

Bamboo Orchid Flowers

Previously, I have shared a few other posts featuring bamboo orchid flowers and some other ground orchids which we can easily find in Sri Lanka. Please read the below posts.

Cheerful Ground Orchids

Ground Orchids from Sri Lanka


Bamboo Orchid Flowers
Bamboo Orchids

The scientific name of Bamboo orchids is Arundina graminifolia.

These flowers prefer outdoor and are easy to grow compared to most other orchids.

Bamboo Orchids
A bud of a Bamboo Orchid Flower
Bamboo Orchid Flowers
Bamboo Orchid Flowers

Do you like these ground orchid flowers? Or do you like other varieties of Orchids? Please share your thoughts.

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  1. I love orchids. Gorgeous. I didn’t know about the different kinds.
    Thanks for the lovely photos. Happy
    t day.

  2. Thank you for joining us for T Tuesday, Amila. Your bamboo orchid flowers are amazing. I love the bright pinks. For your reference, each Tuesday we share a drink related post. It can be water, tea, coffee, juice, cocoa, etc. Or it can be a cup, mug, or even a teapot. Thanks so much for visiting this week, dear.

  3. Oh I love how dainty they look and the color is beautiful. Thanks for visiting me so I could come visit. With our gloomy weather this week, I love seeing your colorful flower.

  4. These are stunning orchid flowers , I have always admired orchid flowers but not able to grow them in our hot climate . Thanks for sharing with Garden Affair.


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