japan araliya
Japan Araliya Flowers

With my love to capture flowers whenever I see a beautiful bunch of flowers, this blog post is about a pink beauty! These flowers are called Japan Araliya in Sri Lanka. With pretty pink, no one cannot ignore the beauty of these flowers. But, remember these beauties are blooming in poisonous plants. Yes, Japan Araliya or Desert Rose or even scientifically called Adenium Obesum are poisonous plants. Therefore, remember to stay away and do not touch the sap when you admire these flowers.


On a Sri Lanka holiday, I spent time in my inlaws’ home garden and I am lucky I always have new flower photography opportunities.

Are Desert Roses look deserted?

As I know these desert flower plants need direct sunlight and not need for much water. Simply, these desert flower plants are drought-friendly. . Are desert roses look deserted? For me, these flowers look so joyful 🙂

Japan Araliya Flowers
Japan Araliya Flowers captured in Sri Lanka

While admiring the beauty of these flower pictures, I came up with the below photo collage. So, you can see a few different angles and views of these flowers.

Desert Rose flowers collage
Desert Rose flowers as a collage

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Roses : Red roses, white roses and pink roses


Although I captured these desert roses while I was on a Sri Lanka holiday and in our parents’ home garden, these are not only found in Sri Lanka. Even in Singapore, I have found desert roses.


Do you have these desert flowers in your home garden? Have you seen these flowers before? Do you like to capture flowers in stunning photographs?

Please share your thoughts in a blog comment. 🙂

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  1. Hello Amila, I don’t have a garden, but I do know these flowers because you can also buy seeds from them in a garden center. They like to receive a lot of heat, so my balcony is not suitable for this. And yes, sometimes I also photograph flowers and make a video slide of them for my Yt channel ( https://bit.ly/2o8ooSy ) and sometimes share them on both my blogspot websites.The crokus you had allready watching but there are plenty more there on both websites. Flowers like to be photographed. And your collage is also very beautiful. Regards Tine (NL)

  2. Very beautiful collage and an awesome flower. I love
    the color. There are a lot with five petals, somehow similar, but I am not sure I’ve seen it before.
    Thank you, Amila!
    Happy WW ad a fine week!

  3. So beautiful. Great shots and l love the vivid colors.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

  4. Amila – I also enjoy taking pictures of flowers – you will see that once spring and summer arrive in Montana! Your flower looks like Oleander to me. We do not have such plants in Montana – I suspect they prefer a more tropical environment – but I do remember them from a time when I lived in Florida. Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  5. They are beautiful Amilia. I had for many years a white double petalled one.Only to find out a couple days ago that it dry rotted and died. I am sad about that.
    Thanks for sharing your photos.



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