Traditional Drums of Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, there are traditional drums which are mainly used for traditional dancing and other related cultural activities. Davula,Yak Beraya, Udakkiya are some of these traditional drums which are popular among many cultural activities.Not only to entertain people with dance and music, these drums also use for many religious activities.

Traditional Drums of Sri Lanka
Traditional Drums Sri Lanka

In Buddhist culture, there are some activities which Traditional Dancers pay respect to the religion. For example, Dalada Thewawa is a daily Performing in respect to the Sacred Tooth Relic in Dalada Maligawa,Kandy. This is a ritual in many temples and even for most ceremonies; traditional dancers play a major role.

Kandyan Dancing Performance in a Sri Lankan Wedding

Another occasion which these traditional drums play their role is ‘Thovil’.’Thovil’ is a kind of activity which is considered as a ‘way of healing’ or ‘a healing ceremony’ to keep off the evils and their influences. ’Bali’,’ Shanthikarma’ are another traditional ceremonies which are mostly similar to ‘Thovil’.

Kandyan Dancing and Drumming in Sri Lanka

I captured these traditional drums during our previous visit to Sri Lanka. I was lucky to see this traditional drums display in Sri Lanka Airport and as always I didn’t miss the opportunity.

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  1. Wow this dance looks lovely! I had gone to Ladakh, and i saw a similar dance there but the humas wearing huge masks of demons and Gods and the drums in the background. It was so divine… Takes us in some other world!


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