Dalukana Wewa

Dalukana Wewa is located in North Central Province of Sri Lanka and nearby attractions include Dimbulagala Raja Maha Viharaya and Namal Pokuna Vihara Ruins.

Dalukana Wewa

I was writing a series of posts about our recent Sri Lanka holiday and our road trips. After passing Manampitiya Bridge, which I shared a post about a few days ago, we reached a lake called Dalukana Wewa. At first, we didn’t know the name of this lake. However, it was a great spot for us to stay for some time and to relax. A few stops are always helpful to relax during road trips.

Dalukana  Sunset

I am not going to write many words. But, I will share a few photos I shared during our stop. These photos will give you some hints of the beauty of this Dalukana Wewa and its surrounding 🙂

Opposite the lake, we could watch the sky before sunset.

Sri Lanka

As always, our son was excited as he encountered another stray dog 🙂

The views of Dalukana Wewa were beautiful. We enjoyed tea and snacks while experiencing the fresh breeze from the lake.

Dalukana Wewa
Dalukana Wewa
Dalukana Wewa

Dalukana Wewa
Beautiful sky,mountains and the lake
Dalukana Wewa

Crown Flower (Wara Mal)

Wara Mal

There were plants along the banks of this lake. among those,I could find these Crown Flowers. We call these flowers as Wara Mal in Sri Lanka.

Wara Mal
Wara Mal

But, remember, Crown Flowers or Wara Mal are beautiful but poisonous. The milky sap in this plant is poisonous and touching the sap can be harmful in many ways.

Wara Mal

I simply captured a few photos of Crown Flowers before we start our road trip toward my Uncle’s home. Until the next post, please share your thoughts on this lake.

Do you think this lake is beautiful? Do you like road trips? 🙂

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  1. Beautiful country and reflection on the water. When I saw the flowering plants in the first picture that showed them, I though right away, milkweed! This is a native plant where I live in the Northeast United States. I researched and this crown flower does seem to be a type of milkweed but one that is not hardy where I live. (Our temperature will be near -17C tonight). No flowers here, only snow and cold, so thank you for the views of green and pink.

  2. Pretty views of the lake and landscape. Cute photos of your son and the dog.
    The flowers are gorgeous. Beautiful photos from your trip!
    Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great weekend.

  3. Looks like a wonderful road trip. The lake is beautiful. I look for caterpillars on the milkweed plant. They take in the poison which acts as a defense mechanism against predators.

  4. I enjoyed the cyber tour of the countryside on your way to visit your uncle. Isn’t is strange how a plant can be so beautiful and so poisonous. I enjoyed the site you picked to stop and stretch your legs and enjoy tea and snacks.

  5. I think we call that plant milk weed in our area. It attracts butterflies & from what I’ve heard, the butterflies rely on that plant as they migrate. It’s also a noxious weed that farmers & ranchers want to get rid of due to the poisons you mention, if livestock eats large quantities. Though I’ve read that milkweed does not taste good & livestock won’t eat it unless there is nothing else left for them to eat. It’s an interesting plant for sure & the blooms are beautiful. That lake is a perfect place for a rest & picnic during a road trip. #Weekendcoffeeshare

  6. Hello:=) At last I have discovered how to comment on your new setup. I have enjoyed the beautiful views of the lake and landscape, and your images of the Crown Flower are beautiful.
    All the best. :=)

  7. Such lovely photos! Such a lovely place! I especially like the lake with its glass-smooth surface.

    The crown flowers looked weirdly familiar, so I did a little research and found out why–they’re in the milkweed family. The native milkweeds here in Arizona aren’t nearly as pretty.


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