Buddha Statue Near Giritale Tank

Giritale Tank is one of the ancient reservoirs or lakes of Sri Lanka that was built by King Agbo II. Next to the lake, there is a huge buddha statue that makes this place more beautiful. The Buddha statue near the Giritale tank is a replica of the Polonnaruwa Aukana Buddha Statue.

Sri Lanka
The Buddha Statue near Giritale Tank: A replica of the Aukana Buddha Statue

I’ve visited Aukana Buddha Statue before. This standing Buddha statue reminds me of our visit there with amazing details and carvings of the original statue. There is a stone plaque that describes the opening of this statue. As mentioned in below stone plaque, this buddha statue was opened to the public in 1998.

According to the plaque, the craftsman of this buddha statue is Mr. Rohana Dharmasena.

As with any Buddhist temple, there were guard stones at the entrance of the statue with a moonstone that leads to the steps.

Buddha Statue Near Giritale Tank
One of the guardstones

Check this post I shared before on the famous guardstone in Anuradhapura ancient city. You will see a photo of another moonstone too.

The moonstone
Incense burner pot

From this Buddha Statue, the view of Giritale Lake was beautiful.

Giritale Tank
View of the Giritale lake.

After visiting this Buddha Statue near Giritale Tank, we walked back to the restaurant in front of Giritale Lake watching the beautiful views of Giritale tank. If you happen to visit Sri Lanka, and Polonnaruwa through Minneriya road, don’t forget to stop at Giritale. Both attractions, this buddha statue, and Giritale Lake are worth visiting.

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  1. I love this sculpture. So beautiful. I liked the details about the guardstones and the moon stone. I have never been to a Buddhist Temple. We have one in Tulsa and they have a large sculpture of Kwan Yin. I checked out the sculpture years ago but since the covid epidemic the grounds are closed to the public.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. Buddhist temples are with specific architectural features. In Sri Lankan temples, guardstones, moonstones and there are other features that we can find in any temple, new or the temples that were built during ancient kingdoms.

  2. Amila – thanks for your visit to my blog and your kind comments. The landscape around Giritale Lake is gorgeous. Your last photo is so pretty, especially with the sky!

  3. Now I could see the images directly in the post, but the warning remained.
    Very impressive place and statues. As I said, a statue with Buddha who is not sitting is different.
    And even the face seems different as I saw in different images.
    Thank you for sharing these details.
    Happy Today and a fine weekend, Amila!?❤️

  4. Such a beautiful place and incredible artistry of the moonstone, guard stones and the Buddha statue. Thank you for your weekend coffee share and photos.


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