Walking from Thuparamaya to Ruwanwalisaya

A pilgrim tour to Anuradhapura is one of the things I do whenever I am in Sri Lanka. Few months ago I had the opportunity to visit Anuradhapura and spent time among Buddhist offerings. Although we came back to Sri Lanka again within few months, with my desire to visit Anuradhapura, I arranged another pilgrimage.

In Anuradhapura sacred city, there are many historical places to visit. As a UNESCO heritage site, this sacred city is a must visit place for anyone who loves historical places. All the main attractions are easily reached by a vehicle. So, previously we always used the vehicle to reach each of the temples and stupas in Anuradhapura. However this time we walked more.

Walking from Thuparamaya to Ruwanwalisaya

Walking From Thuparamaya to Ruwanwelisaya

In sacred city of Anuradhapura, all the temples and sacred places are located in walking distances between those. From Thuparamaya, you can easily walk to Ruwanwelisaya and it is around 15 minutes’ walk if you walk leisurely and slowly. The best thing is that this route is with beautiful views and some other ancient ruins.

Walking from Thuparamaya to Ruwanwalisaya
Ancient ruins in front of Thuparamaya temple complex

In our walk, we had a glance to other historical buildings and ruins around Thuparamaya temple complex. Starting from the ruins of Thuparamaya temple complex, we could see some other ruins along the way to Ruwanwelisaya.

Walking from Thuparamaya to Ruwanwalisaya

On one side, it is a small lake with the views of nature.

Walking from Thuparamaya to Ruwanwalisaya
View of Jethawanaramaya behind the lake.

My son who is still 4 years old could enjoy this nature walk with the views of birds namely kingfisher, oriole and even a vulture. Sounds of peacocks allowed us to connect with nature.

Walking from Thuparamaya to Ruwanwalisaya
We enjoyed the nature in this morning while walking.
Helpful tips if you plan walking from Thuparamaya to Ruwanwalisaya Stupa
Walking from Thuparamaya to Ruwanwalisaya
Near the Ruwanwalisaya end,you can buy flowers.
  • The distance between these stupas is less than 1 km when you walk.
  • The best time for walking is in the early morning or evening to avoid heat of the sun.
  • There is a foot path which you can easily walk.
  • Near the Ruwanwalisaya end, you can easily buy flowers to offer.
  • There are ancient ruins along the way. You will also watch natural views while walking.


Do you like such walking tours among the historical places?



  1. I am never been to Sri Lanka and I don’t know much about the country but it looks lovely! I would love to visit and travel there!

  2. So sad I did not get to visit here when I was in Sri Lanka. I only had 3 days last December and covered Kandy and Colombo but it was so rushed. I need to go back!!

  3. It’s so great to hear your adventure that’s good to hear that it’s safe to walk in that city. Lovely wandering in this lovely place of UNESCO heritage site. More travels to you!

  4. This place looks like a nice place to visit. I love nature and see historial places whenever I travel. I’ve not been to this part of the world but hope to visit someday.

  5. i like cultural things so maybe taking a trip to historic places wont be bad at all just need to save that money honestly in jamaica we have historic places like bob marley museum.

  6. Visiting and seeing temples is one of the things I love when i travel to countries famous for their temples. I just love the color, smell, and the whole ambience.

    Seeing ruins as well is a nice way to learn more about the place. The historical buildings and ruins around Thuparamaya temple complex arent as ugly as one would think when the word ruins is mentioned. In fact, they bring a certain calmness and peace as i look into them and as you bring us to those places throufh your narratives.


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