Rainforest Kidzworld

We had a great time on last Saturday at Singapore Zoo. Now, at his age of 20 months, my son knows most of the words of animals and he has a good attraction to the animals. So, we decided to visit the zoo. Actually it was a good decision and he was excited all the day by seen his animal friends.

Rainforest Kidzworld-Singapore-zoo
After watching the animals, we found this kids area, Rainforest Kidzworld and it is a fun place for kids. Usually I read about the place before we visit, however this time I couldnโ€™t and we really didnโ€™t know about the kidsโ€™ area until we reached the zoo.With our experience,Rainforest Kidzworld at Singapore Zoo is a must visit attraction of Singapore,if you are with kids.

Rainforest Kidzworld
Rainforest Kidzworld

There are some paid and free activities there. Most of them are free. It seems for almost all kids, water playing is the most interesting activity.

Rainforest Kidzworld-Singapore-zoo-2

Read some safety rules before playing. ๐Ÿ™‚

Rainforest Kidzworld at Singapore Zoo

Rainforest Kidzworld-Singapore-Zoo-2

Rainforest Kidzworld-Singapore-Zoo-3

Rainforest Kidzworld-Singapore-Zoo-4

Other than the water play, there are other play equipments behind the water play area. There are also some goats, rabbits and horses in one side. We spent most of the time in the water play area and my son had a really great time.He enjoyed his time by giving a bath to his friends,lion & zebra! ๐Ÿ™‚

Rainforest Kidzworld at Singapore Zoo

Finally,have you noticed any changes to the blog?We migrated to WordPress from Blogger.Still,we have a lot to do with the design.However,I am having a great experience with WordPress. ๐Ÿ™‚

How about your week?Please share your photo stories with me.I’d like to read those.


  1. It has been ages since we last been to the zoo. I’m sure the kids would welcome playing at the rainforest playground in this heat.

  2. that looks like a great waterpark!!! canยดt believe is an attraction within a larger attraction! wow!!

    • Yes,it’s really great to visit the zoo and enjoy the time in this way.Kids will not get tired after spending a day at the zoo. ๐Ÿ™‚


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