Traveling With Small Children

Family trips are always fun and full of adventure. Whether you’re traveling from state to state, or out of the country,fun is the goal, and you don’t want to put a damper on your family’s fun by not packing your suitcase properly.

Proper packing is especially important when traveling with your children. If you forget something, it can seem like the end of the world to them, so make sure you pack it right the first time. Some parents are well-experienced travelers to where they know, off the top of their head, what needs to be packed. Other parents are more of list-makers.

List making is definitely a great way to make sure you don’t forget anything. You can easily mark off what you have, making it easier to see what you have remaining to pack. If you are indeed list makers,then here are a few items you can put on your list to ensure you have the right items packed for your kids on your next family trip.

How to Travel the World with Children

Toiletry Items

Toiletry items are an important asset to a kid’s suitcase. These items include their toothbrush, deodorant, soap, lotion,and hair care products.

If you happen to forget a few of their toiletry items, you can rest assured that they can easily be purchased at a local drug store. Now, you want to check your destination, just to make sure that they do have local stores in the area that are easily accessible. It would be terrible if you were to go to a location out of the country where there wasn’t a store close by.

If your family is staying at a hotel somewhere, most hotels have complimentary toiletry items available to guests for that very reason. So, definitely add toiletry items to your list, if you haven’t already.

Weather Appropriate Apparel

There are several factors that can make your trip go smoothly, and there are factors that can make it go terribly wrong, but one of the worst things you can do is not check the weather of the destination you’re going to. This is an important factor of any trip, and can truly make or break a family trip.

Some destinations are tricky. Pictures of your destination may appear to be sunny, but the temperature is actually quite cool.You can experience these mishaps in locations close to water, so just be mindful of that. This can be a lesson learned the hard way, so to prevent that,  check the weather.

If your family is going to a location with chilly weather, you want to be sure the kiddos are dressed appropriately for that type of weather as well. So you definitely want to pack them clothing that allows them to feel warm, while showcasing the look and feel of fun.

The same rules apply for shoes. Whether you’re traveling to a warm and sunny destination, or a cold destination, it’s usually a good idea to pack a pair of closed toe shoes, like tennis shoes. You of course will pack sandals for warm locations, and some kind of boot for colder locations, but tennis shoes work for both types of locations and temperatures.

How to Travel the World with Children


What you pack for your children’s entertainment is dependent on what your child finds entertaining. Now, most parents will pack their kids entertainment in a carry-on bag, but carry-on bag scan only hold so many things, so in order to bring the remainder of their entertainment  items, you can just pack it in their luggage.

Most kids are entertained by tablets, cellphones, and other electronic devices. For the kids who still enjoy toys, books,and coloring books, those are some other entertainment essentials to pack for them that they can enjoy once you all get to your destination and unpack.


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