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Murals at Ang Mo Kio Library, Sunset and Nature Views

Ang Mo Kio Library Murals
Do you know that there are murals at Ang Mo Kio library? The best thing is that these murals are not on the walls. Those are murals on the ceiling (or soffit). It was another weekend when we wanted to visit the library and then the neighbourhood park. Although I have shared a few...

Things to Know Before Visiting Chinatown Singapore

I want to share these things to know before visiting Chinatown Singapore. Do you know why? Chinatown is another must-visit place in Singapore where you can experience Chinese culture, history and arts. It is beautiful and it is full of decorations that feature vibrant colours. From beautiful shophouses to decorative lanterns, there are many...

Elephant Sculptures – Little India, Singapore

Elephant Sculptures Little India
Do you know that there is a herd of colourful elephants in Little India, Singapore? From big elephants to small little ones, you can find different elephants decorated with colourful artwork. This post is about our hunting of elephant sculptures in Little India! Little India, which is one of the historical districts of Singapore...

Basawakkulama Wewa & Spectacular Sunset at Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

Sunset at Basawakkulama Wewa - Anuradhapura
In Sri Lanka, there are many reservoirs and tanks around the country as it is an island mainly based on the agricultural economy. Basawakkulama Wewa is one of such tanks found in Anuradhapura which is also known as the first reservoir of Sri Lanka dating back to the 4th century B.C.

Bamboo Orchid Flowers

These ground orchids or Bamboo Orchid flowers are common in Sri Lanka and even in Singapore. These are beautiful, colourful and even look cheerful to me. During a recent Sri Lanka holiday, I found these flowers in my parents' home garden and spent time capturing a few photos.

The 20 Best Things To Do In Louisana

Best Things To Do In Louisana
Louisiana is a South-Eastern US State on the Gulf Of Mexico. This welcoming state has a rich cultural history, with its residents hailing from Canada, France, Africa, and beyond.  Louisiana boasts some of the US’ most fascinating cities, including the jazz capital of the world, New Orleans, and Louisiana’s charming capital city, Baton Rouge. 

Singapore: Sunset at Kebun Baru, Murals and a Nature Walk

It was another weekend where we wanted to spend time walking around our neighbourhood. Surprisingly this walk ended up watching the sunset at Kebun Baru because we ended up our walk once we reached the Mayflower food centre. As usual, we decided to visit the nearby park where I have shared a few posts before as well.

Toa Payoh Bus Interchange Murals: Find Your Way

Toa Payoh Interchange murals
The murals I share today are created for a special purpose. These murals at Toa Payoh bus interchange are part of an initiative by Dementia Singapore and SBS transit to make more dementia-friendly bus interchanges and MRT stations. The murals at Toa Payoh bus interchange features childhood games that ease persons with dementia to...

Singapore to Batam by Ferry

Singapore to Batam by Ferry
Well, this is a photo essay of our Singapore to Batam trip by ferry. Although I shared our Batam 3D2N itinerary and also a photo essay on Batam to Singapore ferry trip, I still have some interesting pictures that were taken during our trip. And these were taken on our departure from Singapore and it was our...

Sri Lanka Warakapola: Wall Mural Spotted in a Bus Stop Shelter

I am with another Warakapola wall mural! Yes, this is another mural from Warakapola town, Sri Lanka. This time, I captured a bus stop shelter that had a new look after decorating with these beautiful murals. Commonly called ''Bus Halt'' in Sri Lanka, the bus stop shelter is really a...

A Day in Sunny Singapore: Temple visit, Little India and Bright Sky

sunny Singapore
It was a sunny day with bright sunlight when we decided to visit the Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist temple in Singapore. The day was fulfilling with lots of good experiences and I thought of sharing some random photos from the day. Therefore, here is how I spent a day in sunny Singapore during the last week.

Japan Araliya Captured in Sri Lanka (Desert Rose)

japan araliya
With my love to capture flowers whenever I see a beautiful bunch of flowers, this blog post is about a pink beauty! These flowers are called Japan Araliya in Sri Lanka. With pretty pink, no one cannot ignore the beauty of these flowers. But, remember these beauties are blooming in poisonous plants. Yes, Japan Araliya or Desert...

Batam Street Art – Indonesia

These are some street art I captured in Batam, Indonesia. Pardon me if these wall mural captures are not sharp because I photographed these while in a moving vehicle. A few days ago I shared another set of street art from Nagoya, Batam. On that day which I captured street art, we walked to Nagoya Hill shopping...

Amazing Sunrise at Buruma Temple Sri Lanka

I had another exciting moment in Sri Lanka when I watched this beautiful sunrise at Buruma temple, Sri Lanka. After watching the spectacular sunset along the Colombo Katunayake Expressway, I was fortunate to catch up with an amazing sunrise moment. I am eager to watch the sky and changes of the amazing sky...