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Online Entertainment Activities for Kids to Keep them Active and Educational

Online entertainment Activities for kids
If you look for online entertainment activities for kids to keep your kids busy, this post will help you with some ideas as we do these at our home. These are the days that we are restricted with travel and outdoor activities. After returning from our month-long holiday in Sri Lanka in December 2019,...

Things to Know About the Canadian Rockies Train Trip

Canadian Rockies Train Trip
Traveling and being on the road often brings endless possibilities to see the beauty of nature and more of the world. Learn more about the benefits of traveling on this site here. Uninhabited landmarks and stunning lakes can take your breath away, and it will change your perspective about life. This is especially the case if you...

Bao Wow Otah Bun Review: Perfect Singapore Savoury Snack with Delivery

Bao Wow Otah Bun Review
Today I am with this Bao Wow otah bun review as I am delighted with my latest food adventure. Bao wow otah buns are one of the latest in meal delivery services in Singapore where you can easily order without going to a shop. Among all features, these otah buns are filled with homemade freshness. This is...

Tze Char King Review: Enjoy Tze Char Meal Delivery in Singapore

Tze Char King Review
Food delivery from Tze char king was to the satisfaction of our family and hence, I want to share this Tze char king review on this blog. I know you all love tasting delicious food. Have you heard of Tze Char meal? If you are in Singapore, you probably know what Tze char means. However, since this...

8 Reasons Why Kenya Remains an Epic Safari Holiday Destination

Kenya Safari Holiday Destination
Kenya is indeed where “safari” started. A Swahili word meaning “a journey”. The country has remained a popular destination for authentic African safaris. It has iconic destinations, including the Masai Mara Game Reserve, renowned for the Big Five, abundant wildlife and the massive wildebeest migration. Kenya wildlife safari experiences have won many hearts, it’s...

Celebrate International Women’s Day with FARM Florist

International Women’s Day with FARM Florist
I’ve got mail with a surprise flower and cake bundle. It was a cute surprise. I was filled with happiness and encouragement as a woman because the card says about International Women’s Day and I was part of this celebration! This cake and flower bundle was from FARM florist, the popular flower delivery service in Singapore.

CNY Goodies from Pineapple Tart Singapore #Review

Pineapple tart Singapore Review
Chinese New Year is almost around the corner. This is the most vibrant time of the year in Singapore full of traditions and customs. Other than the Chinese New year decorations and lion dances, I love tasting CNY goodies. Therefore it is the right time to share this CNY goodies review about the cookies we received from...

Whyzee Cakes Review : Order Cakes Online

Whyzee cakes review
To taste a delicious piece of cake, no need to have a reason. We know that cakes are always delicious anytime anywhere. However to celebrate special moments we need special cakes. This is where online cake delivery services such as Whyzee cakes are really helpful. This Whyzee cakes review is all about our recent experience in ordering...

Why Swimming During Holidays Is Great For Your Kid

Why Swimming During Holidays Is Great For Your Kid
Holidays are a great time to teach your child swimming. During summer, the water is warm, the whole family is relaxed, and there's time to help your kid improve her swimming ability.  Swimming lessons during the holidays are more interesting than at school. Kids get to socialize with other peers, pools are shallow and...

Fav Florist Review: Fresh Flowers and Preserved Flower Domes in Singapore

Fav Florist Review
Flowers make everyone happy. Flowers are a magical way to cheer others. This is why flower gifts are so much popular. This Fav Florist review is all about how you can make others smile with beautiful flowers! And if you read this blog you know that I love flowers. Even I share my flower photography during holidays...

Sri Krishnan Temple – Singapore (Photo Essay)

Sri Krishnan Temple Singapore
Singapore is a multicultural city where you can find people from different races and religions live in unity. Therefore you can see Buddhist temples, Hindu temples, Mosques and churches around the country which represents the part of culture. Sri Krishnan Temple is one of such Hindu temples in Singapore which is worth visiting.This temple is also popular...

3 Paintings You Must See in Singapore

3 Paintings You Must See in Singapore
Singapore is one of Asia's cultural centers and is home to a large number of museums, exhibitions, and galleries. "Drunkard" by Ong Kim Seng Ong Kim Seng, born in 1945, is a famous self-taught Singaporean artist, who creates his works using watercolor paints. Ong began painting as a child,...

9 Unique Things to Do in Bugis – Singapore (Walking Tour)

Things to do in Bugis-Singapore
If you like to experience culture during your trip to Singapore then you should visit Bugis. While Chinatown is in most of the Singapore itineraries, Bugis is another neighbourhood to visit for cheap shopping, good food and cultural activities.But,what are the things to do in Singapore Bugis? Let's explore what you can do in Bugis while enjoying...

3D2N Bintan Itinerary – Traveling Indonesia

3D2N Bintan Itinerary - Indonesia
Bintan is another beautiful island of Indonesia which is attracted by tourists around the world. With friendly people, good food and beautiful attractions anyone would love to spend their time in this beautiful tropical Island of Indonesia. We were the same. We enjoyed our Bintan trip much and we want to visit again to explore more attractions....

Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Temple – Batam, Indonesia

Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Temple
Batam is not only for food,shopping and massages.There are many other attractions that you can visit when you are in Indonesia Batam island.This Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Temple is such a must visit attraction in Batam which can add peace to your holiday. We recently visited the beautiful Batam island of Indonesia. Our 3D2N...

Enjoy the Summer with Sailing Holidays

Summer with Sailing Holidays
Holidays come to bring enjoyment to life. After the hectic and tiring schedule of the year, holidays bring relaxation in life. For many European countries, that are reliant on tourists for their trades, summer brings life to the people and brings a glowing smile to their faces. On the other hand, in the last two years, the...

What to Look Out For From Camping Gear Reviews in Australia

Spending time outdoors can be very interesting, but the experience can often turn into a nightmare without the correct reviews. Before you settle on camping gear in Australia, you must make sure that the reviews meet specific criteria. It is never enough just to have items that are necessary for camping. It is even...

Different Luxury Yacht Sizes And More Chartering Tips

Luxury Yacht Sizes
Riding on a luxury boat will bring an intimate travel experience to your loved ones. However, choosing the right yacht for your needs can be confusing with various boat sizes, from small to mega yachts. Here is a complete guide showing the possible yacht size options and how to end up the best possible choice.

Different Types of Patio Furniture Materials for Dedicated Spaces In Your Home

Patio Furniture Materials
Whether you are moving into a new home or refurbishing your existing one, the more you kit out the place both on the inside and the outside, the more homely it will feel. Many people put in so much effort indoors in a new home and forget that when the suns out, there should be a comfortable...