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Sri Krishnan Temple – Singapore (Photo Essay)

Sri Krishnan Temple Singapore
Singapore is a multicultural city where you can find people from different races and religions live in unity. Therefore you can see Buddhist temples, Hindu temples, Mosques and churches around the country which represents the part of culture. Sri Krishnan Temple is one of such Hindu temples in Singapore which is worth visiting.This temple is also popular...

3 Paintings You Must See in Singapore

3 Paintings You Must See in Singapore
Singapore is one of Asia's cultural centers and is home to a large number of museums, exhibitions, and galleries. "Drunkard" by Ong Kim Seng Ong Kim Seng, born in 1945, is a famous self-taught Singaporean artist, who creates his works using watercolor paints. Ong began painting as a child,...

9 Unique Things to Do in Bugis – Singapore (Walking Tour)

Things to do in Bugis-Singapore
If you like to experience culture during your trip to Singapore then you should visit Bugis. While Chinatown is in most of the Singapore itineraries, Bugis is another neighbourhood to visit for cheap shopping, good food and cultural activities.But,what are the things to do in Singapore Bugis? Let's explore what you can do in Bugis while enjoying...

3D2N Bintan Itinerary – Traveling Indonesia

3D2N Bintan Itinerary - Indonesia
Bintan is another beautiful island of Indonesia which is attracted by tourists around the world. With friendly people, good food and beautiful attractions anyone would love to spend their time in this beautiful tropical Island of Indonesia. We were the same. We enjoyed our Bintan trip much and we want to visit again to explore more attractions....

Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Temple – Batam, Indonesia

Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Temple
Batam is not only for food,shopping and massages.There are many other attractions that you can visit when you are in Indonesia Batam island.This Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Temple is such a must visit attraction in Batam which can add peace to your holiday. We recently visited the beautiful Batam island of Indonesia. Our 3D2N...

Travel with Family to Cyprus: Here are the things to know

Travel with Family to Cyprus
Are you planning to travel with family to Cyprus? With beautiful attractions, luxury holiday villas and delicious food, Cyprus is one of the favourite destinations for many travelers. Among all it is a perfect destination for family travelers. Therefore if you want to find out about the next possible family travel destination, then add Cyprus to your...

Tourist Rules In Visiting Sacred Sites And With An Uluru Accommodation

Travel Uluru
When traveling to the Aboriginal regions of Australia, including Uluru, it’s vital to do some research prior in order to be respectful of the cultural laws and beliefs of the natives. Regardless of the extent of the homework that you do, you will find the spiritual, ancient country to be quite inspirational while there. 

Pre-Travel Things to Consider

Pre-Travel Things to Consider
The rush blood to the head that comes with clicking on the ‘buy plane tickets now’ button is, for most travellers, as thrilling as it is short lived - mere moments after that decisive mouse click of travel commitment, thoughts of planning all the important details start to flood in. First, you might wonder whether your passport...

Choosing Daylesford Luxury Accommodation on your Next Trip

Choosing Luxury Accommodation in Daylesford
For many travelers, the word luxury has been overused in the industry. Some luxury hotels are claiming that they have the best amenities, which gives them the right to charge premium fees. High-paying guests are also expected to get the best dining, services, and accommodations, but they get disappointed when their needs are not met.

4 Essential Campervan Features

Essential Campervan Features
The campervan offers a unique and fun way to see the world and your local surroundings because it allows you to be mobile while providing a home on wheels for your trip. It’s far cheaper than a hotel and if you’re going off the grid and into nature, it gives you that pull-up-and-camp flexibility that no bed...