Sri Krishnan Temple Singapore

Singapore is a multicultural city where you can find people from different races and religions living in unity. Therefore you can see Buddhist temples, Hindu temples, Mosques and churches around the country which represent part of the culture. Sri Krishnan Temple is one of such Hindu temples in Singapore which is worth visiting. This temple is also popular as the Singapore Krishna temple as it is devoted to the Hindu Deity Krishna. Sometimes, referred to as the Bugis Hindu temple.

Sri Krishna Temple , Bugis

 Sri Krishnan Temple Singapore
Entrance of Sri Krishnan Temple Singapore

Located on Waterloo Street, Sri Krishnan Temple is one of the oldest Hindu temples in Singapore. Dedicated to Sri Krishna and Rukmini, this temple is one of the main attractions in Bugis Neighbourhood for those who travel to Singapore. Although it has become a tourist attraction, this temple is a worshipping place for the Hindu community in Singapore.

Sri Krishnan Temple Singapore

Sri Krishnan Temple Architecture

As with many other Hindu temples, this Sri Krishnan Temple or Bugis Hindu temple is also with beautiful and colourful murals of deities. When you visit there you will find beautiful sculptures which represent Indian culture and traditions.

According to Wikipedia, It was built in 1870 and in 2014, this temple was gazetted as a national monument of Singapore. You can see the features of South Indian Architectural designs in this beautiful temple which makes it a beautiful attraction other than a worshipping place.

Hindu God - Hanuman
Statue of Hindu God – Hanuman at the entrance of the temple
Hindu Temple Singapore
Colourful walls of the temple

Sri Krishna Bhagwan temple is another name for the same Bugis Hindu temple. Below are some of the photos I captured during one of my visits to Bugis which may make you want to visit there.

Hindu Temple Bugis Singapore
Beautiful and colouful statues and paintings
Statue of Hindu god Krishna
Statue of Hindu god Krishna at the Sri Krishnan Temple Singapore

How to get Sri Krishnan Temple Singapore (Bugis Hindu temple)

Address: 152 Waterloo St, Singapore 187961

You can reach by bus, MRT,Taxi or by car

Rochor MRT Station is the nearest MRT station and, take Exit A.

Opening Hours:

6:30–11:45 am
5:30–8:45 pm

Be sure to contact the temple or check the latest opening hours before your visit.

If you visit Singapore, then Bugis is one of the beautiful neighbourhoods to visit. Don’t forget to check temple opening hours before your visit. In case you visit there when it is closed, don’t worry. Although you cannot see the inside including rituals you can still see the beautiful statues and paintings on the exterior.

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