Changi Airport's Butterfly Garden

How to get to Butterfly Garden at Changi airport? Here is my complete guide on the butterfly garden at Changi airport, Singapore which is also the world’s first butterfly garden situated in an airport.

Do you know that Singapore Changi airport never makes any of its visitors feel bored? There are many activities and attractions inside the airport other than typical arrival and departure of flights and duty-free shops. The butterfly garden is one such attraction at Changi airport and a visit to it is really a great experience.

Changi Airport's Butterfly Garden

During our recent Sri Lanka holiday, during our arrival, I had the opportunity to visit this butterfly garden at Changi Airport. It was a nice place filled with natural attractions including flowers and plants. Most importantly we could watch different beautiful butterflies too.

Changi Airport's Butterfly Garden

It was evening and therefore the photos I captured are a bit dark. But, I thought these photos are beautiful enough to share as a blog post to help anyone who likes to visit the butterfly garden at Changi Airport, Singapore.


Inside the butterfly garden was beautifully decorated with different butterfly shaped arrangements.

butterfly vs moth

There are also displays with information about butterflies. These are really helpful for learning more about butterflies.


The waterfall is another attraction inside the butterfly garden.


Where are the butterflies at Changi Butterfly Garden?

I know this can be a doubt when you read and see all the above photos. Yes, there are a lot of butterflies that fly from flower to flower and plant to plant. But, you know that capturing a butterfly is not an easy task. Though I was very near to butterflies, almost all captures of butterflies are blurred. 🙂


I could manage these three butterfly photos for a blog post. So, it is that I am not clever enough to capture a butterfly. Otherwise, there are beautiful butterflies that you can spot in this garden.


Below is another black butterfly. This place is also a good opportunity for children to watch butterflies.


How to get to Butterfly Garden Changi?

The location is Terminal 3 of Changi Airport, Singapore. It is open 24 hours. Therefore, be sure to watch the butterflies if you arrive in Singapore via Terminal 3.

Important things to note before visiting the butterfly garden

This garden is located after the immigration clearance. Therefore, this is only available for passengers.

Entrance fee: It is free

Do you like watching butterflies? Please share your thoughts.

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  1. Amila, Thank you for your weekend coffee share. The Butterfly Garden looks lovely. I’ll keep this in mind next time I’m at Changi airport.

  2. Hello Amila :=)
    An enchanting garden where one can see butterflies I could spend a long time looking at the butterflies and admiring the plants, but regretfully my travelling days are over. Thank you for sharing this delightful place.

  3. Hello Amelia :=)
    I hope this comment manages to get posted as I have tried before without success. I think it’s a wonderful idea to have a butterfly garden in an airport. I would much rather watch butterflies than read a magazine. The garden is well designed with the waterfall and the flower butterflies. It must be a delightful place to spend an hour or two.
    All the best.

  4. Beautiful butterflies, what a lovely garden. It is neat that it is right at the airport!
    Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great weekend. PS, I am sorry I am late commenting!

  5. Its a great concept to spread awareness about importance of butterflies and bees in wake of entertaining people on airport. Thanks for sharing with Garden Affair

  6. Dear Amila,
    Thank you for your lovely compliments on my previous blog post! Today I am particularly pleased that you are presenting the butterfly garden at Singapore Changi airport. Because a visit to Singapore is at the top of our travel wish list. (My husband has been there before when he stopped over en route to Australia 28 years ago – and we plan to pay Singapore a multi day visit when we make it to Australia/NZ together hopefully in the not too distant future.) Then we will of course also visit this butterfly garden – I love this idea! (We also went to an interesting butterfly garden in Costa Rica. I described the visit HERE: ) I know that photographing butterflies is difficult. Which camera do you use? It’s almost impossible with mobile phones, unless the moths are exceptionally sitting quietly on a flower or a fruit. With my camera, I made it with the sports program. This means that even moving objects can be photographed reasonably sharply. There are also bird programs on some cameras, which can also be helpful.
    All the best from Austria – Traude ????


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