Festival Izzad Radzali Shah

Little India is one of the paradises for street art lovers. This is why you must visit Little India If you look for street art in Singapore. Over time I have witnessed many street arts of Little India and I was lost when I started posting those in blog posts. Because there are many murals and street art from this beautiful town of Singapore that makes a lengthy blog post. Therefore, I thought I will post that one by one until I prepare a round-up of Little India street art in one blog post. Today I will feature ‘Festival’ By Izzad Radzali Shah.

Festival Izzad Radzali Shah
Festival, Izzad Radzali Shah, Little India Mural

Through this mural, Izzad Radzali Shah shares various poses of residents of Little India. This mural is a good indication of the culture and stories of the community around Little India. It also includes important characters of the Indian community such as cattle, elephants, and coconut trees making it a must-see street art to understand a bit of culture in and around Little India.

Little India Mural
Festival, Little India Mural by Izzad Radzali Shah

Location : 1 Hindoo Road, Singapore 209105 (Alley on the side of Veera’s Curry Restaurant)

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  1. What a cool mural! I love how murals often capture some element of the local culture, and I also love how there’s so much richness in the details. Thanks for sharing!


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