Street Art in Ang Mo Kio

Did you hear about Street art in Ang Mo Kio? Is it true? If you have such doubts, then the answer is a big YES. Ang Mo Kio may be the latest town decorated with beautiful street art that makes the walls of the town attractive. Not only attractive, beautiful or Insta-worthy! All these street art pieces of Ang Mo Kio tell a story about Singapore, its culture, rich heritage and history.

A few weeks ago when I visited Ang mo Kio, it was a surprise. A lot of artists were putting their efforts to decorate the walls of Ang Mo Kio with their best pieces of art.

Anyway, street art is not a new thing in Singapore. There are many other places in Singapore including popular Haji Lane, Little India and Chinatown decorated with beautiful street art. But, until recently I couldn’t notice such a big surprise in Ang Mo Kio until these recent changes.

Street Art in Ang Mo Kio

We entered Ang Mo Kio Town Centre from Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 end. The Street Art scene starts At The entrance near the McDonald outlet. The ground is decorated with a large painting that features a koi pond. Walking through this Koi Pond painting, we entered the Ang Mo Kio Town Centre which is one of the attractions of the Ang Mo Kio Heritage trail.

Here are some of our captures from Street art in Ang Mo Kio, Singapore.

Street Art in Ang Mo Kio
still work is going on…
Street Art in Ang Mo Kio - Singapore
A mural featuring Singapore Merlion
Street Art in Ang Mo Kio

Who is enjoying Singapore Durian?

Street Art in Ang Mo Kio - Singapore
Durian street art
Featuring Durian, the popular fruit of Singapore

After passing the wall art along the walls of shops and buildings near the Town Centre, we entered the Ang Mo Kio Central Stage. Surprise! The grounds of the stage area is all decorated with paintings.

Street art near the Ang Mo Kio Central Stage
@Ang Mo Kio Central Stage

Below is a piece of artwork that caught my eyes!

 Ang Mo Kio - Singapore

After the Central Stage area, we entered into the other side of the stage area where some of the shops are located. The art scene is still continuing. Walls are covered with the artwork of French artist Dgers.

  Ang Mo Kio - Singapore
Ang Mo Kio art work

The next street art collection is a tribute to Samsui Women who have done a great contribution to the development of Singapore.

Samsui women art Singapore
Featuring Samsui women
Admiring the hard work done by Samsui Women

Below piece of art could touch my heart. It shows part of the life of a Samsui Woman who spends time with her kid after a hard-working day. Her smiling face shows how happy she is with her kid.

Samsui Woman
Samsui Woman

Where to find Ang Mo Kio Street Art?

As of my recent visit, you can locate these murals in Ang Mo Kio Town Centre. Enter into the Town Centre from the Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 end to start your journey of enjoying the murals on the walls.

Singapore street art
Part of the daily lifestyle of Singapore which we heard

How to reach there?(Ang Mo Kio/ AMK)

Ang Mo Kio is located in MRT red line. The easiest way is to take an MRT ride to Ang Mo Kio station. Alight at Ang Mo Kio and start your journey.

Singapore street art
Happy and smiling faces in the multicultural city

What are the other attractions in Ang Mo Kio, Singapore?

Ang Mo Kio is one of the oldest and most mature states of Singapore. There are many other attractions and activities you can engage in while you are in AMK. Below are some of the activities.

  • Shopping at Ang Mo Kio Town Centre
  • Dining at restaurants and Hawker centers around the city
  • Visit AMK hub for shopping, dining and entertainment
  • Ang Mo Kio Town garden East
  • Glance at local lifestyle by visiting a Wet Market
  • Ang Mo Kio Heritage Trail

Also, check these Kebun Baru wall murals.

Do you Like Street Art and Murals?

Now it is your turn to share your experience with street art and murals? Do you enjoy such pieces of art while you travel? Please share your thoughts, ideas and experiences. Let’s talk!


  1. Oh, I love street art! Thanks for sharing these pictures. My favorite is when I come across a piece of art in process. I love to watch the picture emerge.

  2. Street art always amazes me – there are some really talented people out there practising their art for free to allow us to see. It seems like Singapore has some beautiful locations for it.

  3. I love street art! It says so much about the city nowadays, I think it is as important as architecture. And it is forever changing. I love the vibrant and happy Singapore photos you made!

  4. Singapore has been near the top of my travel bucket list for a while now. This stunning street art is just another reason that I would love to visit! I bet it is amazing to see in person!

  5. I like street art. It’s my favorite thing to do. I had been to Singapore long back, so I can’t recall these paintings. They are good.

  6. Me and my daughter love looking for the street art whenever we visit somewhere new. This art, however, is amazing and so bright and colourful. It looks like you had a great time looking for it and photographing it

  7. This is one of the best street arts I have ever seen. The color and the creativity is surreal. I have quickly fell in love with all of them.

  8. I’ve always enjoyed street arts, and these murals look amazing! I don’t recall encountering so many street arts on my visit to Singapore. Your pictures made me wanting to revisit the city really soon! ~ Ola @ WanderWithOla


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