Ang Mo Kio Murals

There are more murals to feature from Ang Mo Kio. Previously I shared some of the murals found in Ang Mo Kio Town Centre when you enter from Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3. I featured those murals in the post titled ‘Street Art in Ang Mo Kio‘. But, lately, I found many other murals that are worth featuring. Therefore, in this post, I want to share some other Ang Mo Kio murals that are colourful and beautiful.

Ang Mo Kio Town Centre

To spot these, enter Ang Mo Kio Town Centre from Avenue 6. There are 3 murals painted on the lift core walls.

One thing I noticed is that these murals are colourful.

Ang Mo Kio Street art

Below I combined photos of both other sides. When you combine these murals, it tells a story.

Below murals feature parrots and are still colourful.

Ang Mo Kio Murals
parrot street art
parrot street art

There is a hawker centre in this same block where there are few wall murals. The murals painted on the lift core walls next to the hawker centre feature food. Below are those street arts that are colourful and feature some food choices.

Ang Mo Kio Murals

These wall murals in HDB blocks and other walls add vibrant colours to the neigbourhood. It is always interesting to walk around while watching these art pieces. I never ever get bored when I walk as it is a great chance to admire the surrounding.

Singapore street art

If you like to locate all these artworks, then start walking through the Ang Mo Kio Town Centre. There are many other street arts to admire in this beautiful town. Below is the exact location for the street art featured in this post.

Location:  Block 728, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6

If you like to locate more street art, check out this post about Ang Mo Kio Street Art. I spotted more murals.

Do you like wall murals and street art? Please share your thoughts as a comment.

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  1. They are all beautiful murals, but my favourites are the two parrots and the two girls with the funky background.
    Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Amila.

  2. Thank you, Amila, being part of MosaicMonday with your colourful murals. Most of them I love the first mural with the Papagei … of course. He makes me smile.

    Happy MosaicMonday … have a good week.

  3. I like murals and wall art – they often “beautify” an area that is not very attractive. Many of the murals that you have shown seem three-dimensional, and I find that very interesting and appealing. And the best part is the opportunity for the artists to practice their passion!


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