Toa Payoh Interchange murals

The murals I share today are created for a special purpose. These murals at Toa Payoh bus interchange are part of an initiative by Dementia Singapore and SBS transit to make more dementia-friendly bus interchanges and MRT stations.

The murals at Toa Payoh bus interchange features childhood games that ease persons with dementia to identify the bus birth that they have to use. To ease that, the murals of childhood games feature specific colours. This project also comes with floor directional signs that help them to identify the direction.

Toa Payoh Bus Interchange Murals

Below are the five murals that feature at the Toa Payoh bus interchange. Anyway, on this day I visited Toa Payoh interchange, I could only locate 4 murals as I was running to some other task. Hope I will be able to update the post with the 5th mural soon.

Find your way with Murals at Toa Payoh Bus Interchange

The five games feature in these murals are traditional childhood games of Singapore.

1. Purple Five Stones

Toa Payoh Bus Interchange Murals
Purple Five Stones mural

Five Stones game is one of the games that include five small beanbags that are referred to as stones. Two or more players can join together to play this old-school kampong game which is interesting.

2. Orange Chaptek

Orange Chaptek mural
Orange Chaptek

I learned this game from my child who owns a chaptek. In this game, a chaptek which is a shuttlecock made out of feathers is used. A player needs to use his foot or heel to keep the chaptek without falling. The player with most kicks wins.

3. Pink Traditional Paper Ball

Pink Traditional Paper Ball
Pink Traditional Paper Ball

4. Blue Marbles

Blue Marbles mural
Blue Marbles mural

In a marble game, basically, players make a circle on the ground and throw marbles into the circle. I remember playing this game when I was a child. it is nice to see such old school memories in these murals at the bus interchange.

5. Green Fishnet

Green Fishnet mural

I couldn’t locate this mural in a bus birth. The above picture is from the floor direction murals. Anyway, this mural in green features another old school childhood game of Singapore which is known as Longkang Fishing that dates back to the 1960s.

Hope this will be a successful project that helps seniors with dementia.

Have you played any of these old school games? Do you have any memories attached to these games or similar games? What are your thoughts on such projects that use murals to help people to find their way?

Please share your thoughts in a comment below.

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  1. This is a wonderful project!
    My Grandma suffered Alzheimer┬┤s, but I learned anyone at any age can get this desease …
    And also people who get lost easily will love this, I would!

  2. Great idea to help people with Alzheimers. I have never came across any of those games, but they sound interesting. Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Amila.

  3. THat’s a clever re-working of a common wayfinding device: using common games. The hospital complex near us uses colored arrows and painted areas in the same way, with lines on the floor leading the way, though the audience is thought to be everyone, not just people with impaired abilities. If you couldn’t find one of the goals, though, I don’t see how an impaired person could do it.

    best… mae at

    • It is interesting to read about your experience in a nearby hospital complex. Colour coded directions are always useful for anyone. I also find it helpful in many instances.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting.
      Have a great day!

  4. What beautiful designs there and yes for dementia also very well thought about but what to do if one is color blind because then one does not see this. The others are also really beautiful and gives color to the environment there. That game chaptek I will remember because we do not know that here. Thanks for this beautiful log. Best regards from the Netherlands. (Be also welcome on my other weblog Perhaps you like it too what i there share.)


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