Bovitiya Flowers

In Sri Lanka, these flowers are called Heen Bovitiya. From my understanding, this is a native plant to Sri Lanka and India. But, I captured these beautiful Bovitiya flowers in Singapore while walking along the Ang Mo Kio Town Garden West. This park is a beautiful place to jog, play and walk. But, for me and many nature lovers, this park is a place to explore flora and fauna. In my recent walk through this park, I found these beautiful Bovitiya flowers and I didn’t forget to stop for a moment to capture a few photos.

Bovitiya Flowers
Bovitiya Flowers buds

The name Bovitiya is how we call these flowers in Sri Lanka. Anyway, I found the scientific name as Osbeckia Stellata. There may have other common names for these flowers. I will update this post time to time when I find other common names.

Bovitiya Flowers

Pretty in purple and surrounded with soft petals, these flowers are absolutely gorgeous among other green foliage. Although it is a kind of wildflower, I don’t think these are that wild. 🙂 These are good as garden flowers too even for a home garden.

These flowers are nice in a collage arrangement

Have you seen these Heen Bovitiya flowers before? Have you seen other varieties of these flowers? Please share your thoughts as a comment below.

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  1. Amila – welcome to Mosaic Monday! Many of our community post flower pictures, so your post this week fits right in! I hope you link up again soon.

  2. Oh how you warm my site with those flowers. All I see is snow so I’m so ready for Spring. Sounds like a nice photography opportunity and looks like it also.

  3. Beautiful flowers, they remind me a little of the Tibouchina that we see here in Australia, except these are pink, the Tibouchina is violet coloured.
    Thank you for taking part in the “My Sunday Best” meme!


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