Orchid Tree Flowers

I captured some Orchid Tree flowers in Singapore. These are not any captures of Orchids, but these are flowers of Orchid Tree or scientifically called as Bauhinia Blakeana. In Sri Lanka, these flowers are called Koboleela. I found this Orchid Tree in Novena which is one of the busiest places in Singapore. However, if you want to admire nature and its beauty, you can find such beautiful flowers and plants even in a busy city. When I saw this Orchid tree, I didn’t forget to capture a few moments of its beauty!


These days, we don’t travel much. Some of the hobbies are forgotten due to spending more time indoors. Covid pandemic changed our lives and the way we lived before. But, recently when I published a life lately post, I included some of these recent captures and it reminded me of my forgotten hobby, flower photography. 🙂

Orchid Tree Flowers in Singapore

The purple is beautiful and these flowers also look like a kind of Orchid.

Orchid Tree Flowers

But, these are grown in a tree and you can see bunches of flowers hanging on the tree making it attractive and eye-pleasing.

A close-up picture of the Orchid flower tree allowed me to try macro photography using my mobile phone. Although it is not so sharp as a photo captured using a macro lens, I still could enjoy capturing these as a hobby photographer. 🙂

Orchid Tree Flowers
Orchid Tree Flowers

And, here is the Orchid tree!

Orchid Tree

This orchid tree was found in a street of busy Novena!

Orchid Tree Flowers

I’ve seen Orchid Tree flowers in Singapore in other places too. Other than purple, you can also find a white variety which is also beautiful.

I’ve even forgotten to visit other blogs and blog linkups during the last 2 years.

How is your life lately? Do you have any forgotten hobbies due to your busy lifestyle? Or do you love capturing photos? Please leave your thoughts as a comment.

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  1. They are beautiful. Mom was only in Singapore once and she was so busy the whole day trying to see everything in the city before she left. She doesn’t remember any flowers.

  2. What a special tree! I did not know about this beauty.
    Thank you for sharing these images and for visiting my blog also!
    Happy WW and a fine february!

  3. Most beautiful and your photography is amazing. I would love to have this tree in my yard.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  4. Wow how beautiful that this orchid tree grew there. And the pictures are very nicely taken with your mobile phone. And yes, the pandemic has changed our life, because I don’t go also not to places that much anymore where there is a lot of crowds. Haven’t been with friends in Belgium for two years where I also like to walk with them. But also because of my health and as a risk group I also have to be careful. But I enjoy the little walks in nature and I also record what I like. In addition, with my 2 websites and my YT channel I can also enjoy myself at home. All my walks can you see in a slideshow there. And I also enjoy beautiful blogs like yours. Thanks for posting and hereby wish i you nice days. Thanks for visit one of my websites. Its always very pleasant to know new friends. B.G, Tine from the Netherlands.

    • Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing this nice comment. So true, Covid changed our lives, but still blogging world is full of wonderful bloggers where we can share thoughts through blog posts.
      Have a nice day!

  5. Just lovely!! We were in Singapore for the 2020 Lunar New Year – it feels a life time ago. I miss it greatly, a luxury I took for granted. I’m hoping to get their for the F1 but I said that last year too so we shall see….I love the bright flowers on the city streets in Singapore. #GardenAffair

  6. Absolutely fantastic shots! The pandemic has made my life a lot quieter. I traveled abroad the last time in 2019. It has been home & the neighbourhood & some visits in the home country Finland.


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