Kadupul flower

Popular as one of the most expensive flowers in the world, Kadupul Flower is a rare flower which perishes after few hours of blooming. These flowers perish before the dawn, making it more precious too see in natural!

Kadupul Flower captures from Sri Lanka

Kadupul flower
Kadupul flower with a bloom

As I love gardening and flower photography, I never missed my chance of capturing these kadupul flowers during my recent Sri Lanka holiday! For me travelling is all about experiencing new things including flora and fauna in different destinations. This is why I have many flower captures in this blog. So, this time I am all in for writing this post about one of the rare flowers in the world!I am happy to share these Kadupul flower blooming photos as I had rare chance to watch it.

Kadupul flower
Kadupul flower – side look

Kadupul flower is a legendary flower native to Sri Lanka which is also popular as the Queen of the night! It is not easy to watch these flowers, reason is simple. Kadupul flowers are with really short lifespan. Other than the short lifespan, these flowers bloom during the night time. So, you need to wait till midnight to see the flowers if you see some blooms on the plant.

In my parents’ home garden there are some Kadupul flower plants. But, until recent I was not lucky enough to see a kadupul flower in real. Whenever it was blooming, I was not in Sri Lanka.

During my recent holiday to Sri Lanka, I was lucky enough to see these beautiful and priceless flowers in real. It was timely. I saw some blooms in our Kadupul plant, so I was waiting everyday till mid night to see the flowers blooming. Not only me; we all were waiting to see the kadupul flowers blooming!

Bit from legendry stories about Kadupul flowers:

As per legends, Kadupul is the legendary flower of the Nagas. In Sri Lanka It is believed when the Kadupul flowers bloom the Celestial Nagas come and offer these flowers to the Lord Buddha. I read about different believes in India and China with the same plant and flowers.

Kadupul flower

The plant:

Botanically named as Epiphyllum oxypetalum, kadupul plants are kind of cactus which is easy to cultivate.

Anyway, these flowers are with really strange but really attractive fragrance. It is difficult to explain. With the pure white appearance this is really a miracle at the mid night!

I’d love to see these flowers again in real to experience the fragrance! I hope I will experience these flowers blooming.

Have you seen these flowers? What other experiences you have with these beautiful white flowers?

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  1. Wow, this looks so pretty, specially it seems shining beautifully in the darkness of the night. I only heard of “Raat Raani” flower from my dad, which blooms in night, though never saw it.

  2. I have not seen these flowers before. What a cool experience for you to be able to see them bloom during their short life span!

    I don’t know much about flowers, I just like appreciating their beauty.

  3. I have not seen these flowers before. What a cool experience for you to be able to see them bloom during their short life span.

    I don’t know much about flowers, I just like appreciating their beauty.

  4. Kadupul flower looks beautiful and the story is enchanting. Loved all the pics .But never heard of the flower before this.

  5. I am such a sucker for beautiful flowers. I was going to ask if they are fragrant but I see its difficult to explain. Would you call this a pleasant smelling flower? What does the plant look like when not in bloom?

  6. I used to think that they have a terrible smell until I read this post! I love how rare they are, they look like a piece of unique and exclusive artwork that only a few can experience.

  7. Quite interesting how the story of Kadupul flower unfold. It was pretty whimsical to look at and i am not surprised why it was dubbed as the queen of the night. I dont think we have this kind of flower here in PH but it would be nice to have one! Im always interested in flowering plants esp. the rare ones 🙂

  8. I never heard about this flower before. I don’t think it exist here in the Philippines. Hehe! We have flowers though that only bloom every morning and would tend to close their petals once the suns is already harsh. We call it morning glory. I guess the flower you mentioned is the opposite. I like your pictures giving us a glimpse on how it looked like even just in pictures, we get to see this beauty.

  9. Hi just like to share that I have several plants of Queen of the Night and they are beautiful, I live in Houston Texas USA. In the last 4 days my plant has been blooming and every morning when I head out to work I look at the beautiful flowers and take a picture of each flower.
    I knew the plant under a different name and until today that I found the right name or the right flower type on this site..
    Thank you for your site.

    • Hi,Thank you for sharing this comment.I am sure you had great experience with these beautiful flowers.These emit aroma too.Glad this post helps to find the name as we call in Sri lanka….


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