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It was a sunny day with bright sunlight when we decided to visit the Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist temple in Singapore. The day was fulfilling with lots of good experiences and I thought of sharing some random photos from the day. Therefore, here is how I spent a day in sunny Singapore during the last week.

a Day in Sunny Singapore

As I shared before, we bring fresh flowers to offer to Buddha when we visit a temple. In Singapore, I don’t have my own flowering plants. But, there are plenty of shops where I can buy fresh flowers. There is a flower shop near Boonkeng where I bought some fresh flowers before visiting the temple.


We bought some fresh flowers from this shop. The seller is always nice and kind.

In Sri Lanka, we usually offer flowers arranging those into a tray. Usually, we spend time arranging flowers, sorting those according to flower colour or shape until we come up with a beautiful design. But, here in Singapore, as we buy fresh flowers with the stem, usually these are arranged in a beautiful vase.

Although it was a weekday when there are not many visitors to the temple, we could see some beautiful flower arrangements that were done by other visitors.

After our worshipping and rituals in the temple, I spent time capturing some of those beautiful flower arrangements. I thought it would be nice sharing these arrangements with others to understand the Buddhist culture.

Flower offering to Lord Buddha – Flower arrangement in traditional Sri Lankan way

Below is another flower arrangement in the traditional Sri Lankan way where flowers were arranged on a tray to offer Lord Buddha. These beautiful orchids are perfect for a beautiful flower tray.

Flower offering with Orchid Flowers
Flower offering with Frangipani Flowers

Below are some other flower arrangements. These are fresh cut flowers and were nicely arranged in vases.


I also found the below oil lamp. It was attractive in bright red colour.

Oil lamp for Buddha

After spending some quality time in the temple, we left the place. I noticed the below signage before leaving the temple. It was at the gate, easily visible for anyone who enter the temple. This sign explains the proper attire for the temple.

Proper attire to Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple

Not only to Sri Lankaramaya temple, but these guidelines are also applicable for any Buddhist temple. Read this post on things you should know before visiting Buddhist Temples and Monasteries which is helpful to know when you travel around and plan to visit a Buddhist temple.

a Day in Sunny Singapore
A vegetarian restaurant in Little India

We decided to have our lunch in Little India as we were craving Indian food. Usually, Little India keeps me busy with street views, wall murals and shophouses.

Wall Mural Little India
A flock of birds are featured in a wall mural? (Folding Dreams by Eunice Lim (2021))

On every visit, I find another shophouse with a beautiful & colourful design. It was the same on this day too.

Shophouse Little India

We had our lunch in our favourite restaurant in Little India. It is like a hidden gem where there is no crowd. Food is tasty and a peaceful place compared to other popular restaurants in Little India. The opposite of the restaurant is these colourful elephants.

Colourful elephant sculptures of Little India

As this is a common sight to me I didn’t spend time going near the elephant decorations, But I captured a photo while my husband was paying the bill at the restaurant. Check this post to see more pictures of these colourful elephant sculptures of Little India.

Little India is colourful and there are so many things to watch and admire. Check colours of Little India too.

Plum Mangoes

We went to Mustafa Centre, the most popular place for shopping in Little India to buy some stuff. I found these plum mangoes and bought a few. This was the first time we tasted plum mangoes which are really small fruits just a size of a plum compared to usual mangoes.

a Day in Sunny Singapore

It was a peaceful and happy day where I spent most of the time at the Sri Lankaramaya temple. Our visit to Little India made the day better with good food and other good stuff.

Finally, this butterfly could make me happy because I am not fast as a butterfly to capture them before flying. But, I captured a butterfly this time. 🙂

a Day in Sunny Singapore

It was another day in sunny Singapore with the best memories!

a Day in Sunny Singapore

How was your week so far? Please share your thoughts in a comment.

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  1. Hello Amila,

    I loved to read about your visit to a Buddist temple and loved to see the flower trays, too. Thank you for taking me along with your excursion. The butterfly photos are so pretty!

  2. Amila, Looks like you had a lovely day. Thank you for sharing this with us at #weekendcoffeeshare. I also want to welcome to my weekly linkup. May I ask how you find my blog and linkup? I hope you enjoy meeting new bloggers and visiting new blogs.

    • Thanks Natalie for visiting my blog and commenting. I found your blog and linkup via another blogger’s linky list. It is enjoyable to join with linkups and meet other bloggers. Thanks for hosting too 🙂

  3. How lovely to view your photos and learn more about Singapore too. I have an Australian friend who lives there now with her family and see some parts of life from her updates. Very interesting too, to read about appropriate attire. A very pretty post…love flowers…

    Denyse #weekendcoffeeshare

  4. Fresh flowers are always pleasing to the eyes. They are beautiful both in trays and vases. Being properly attired means to give respect especially in places of worship. I like the wall mural in Little India. We also have Little India in our city Ipoh. The plum mangoes look juicy and delicious. I would be tempted to buy some.

  5. The elephant sculptures are amazing! And I love seeing all the fresh fruit and pretty flowers. Thanks for sharing so much with us…of places I will never get to visit but love! Happy weekend!

  6. Hello,

    What a lovely post. The flowers are beautiful and I like the cute little butterfly. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, enjoy your weekend.

  7. it is so pretty there in singapore. i find the wall mural and lawn sculptures so delightful and colorful!!

    gorgeous flowers everywhere, they always brighten the day!!

  8. What a beautiful, colourful article. I loved the gorgeous flower arrangements at the temple. It must smell delightful in there too. I like how some flowers are arranged in vases and some on trays, very pretty. Little India looks amazing. I love the colours and the elephants look amazing. Your post has really brightened my day.

  9. Amila – thank you for sharing the traditions for arranging flowers in the temple. They are beautiful! We share your love of Indian food; we enjoyed an Indian meal just a couple of weeks ago while visiting our son. Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  10. All the flowers are most beautiful. They all made me smile.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. ♥

  11. Amila, thank you for taking me on a tour around these parts of Singapore and to the temple and to experience something very different. Travel opens up our eyes so much and expands our horizons and I’m finding that while virtual travel might not be quite good, there’s still an experience and things which extend us.
    hope you have a great week ahead.
    Best wishes,

  12. What beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing everything. When we visited Italy, my daughter researched ahead of time, proper attire for going into the various churches and cathedrals. We wanted to be respectful.


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