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These are pictures of beautiful Orchid from Sri Lanka which I captured recently.In Sri Lanka, we can find lot of different orchid varieties. Orchid cultivation is one of the best export businesses in Sri Lanka. Although there are lots of beautiful varieties, what I share in this blog are the orchids which I find from our home gardens. My mother & mother in law are behind these orchid plants. Not me. But I really like gardening. Unfortunately, I donโ€™t have an outdoor garden for my home in Singapore. ๐Ÿ™‚
Beautiful Orchid from Sri Lanka

This is another Orchid I captured during my April Sri Lankan Holiday. It is a bunch of beautiful flowers. I captured few and camera used is my normal Sony digital camera.Orchids are also good for flower bouquets that is why it is popular as a flower for  flower delivery.

Beautiful Orchid from Sri Lanka
Captured in another angle to show the details of the Orchid bunch.
Beautiful Orchid from Sri Lanka
Here is another capture of orchid buds. They are getting ready to be beautiful flowers!
Beautiful Orchid from Sri Lanka
How about you? Do you like Orchids?

As per a reader of this blog,these orchids are Dendrobium moschatum.These orchids are widespread in many parts of South East Asia. In India they are found in North Eastern states and in the wild

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Amila Wickramarachchi

Amila Wickramarachchi is a Food & Travel blogger who writes both Food Corner and this travel blog.She resides in Singapore.

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  1. Those are Dendrobium moschatum, widespread in many parts of South East Asia. In India they are found in our North Eastern states, in the wild

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