Top 10 Highlights of San Francisco

Francisco is unarguably the most beautiful city in California, boasting of both
architectural and natural attractions. This article will take you through the
10 best attractions and fun activities to partake during your stay in San

1.    The Golden Gate Park
is one of the most breath-taking places in San Francisco. It is a lovely green
space characterized by several gardens and museums. The gardens are further
characterized by over 5000 species of plants and trees as well as several
lakes. There are also several paths where visitors can either walk or cycle on
to explore the park.
2.    The Golden Gate Bridge
Top 10 Highlights of San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge is the top attraction site in the city. The structure of the
bridge and the background of clear blue water gives it a golden appearance;
making it one of the most photographed structures in the city.
3.    The Twin Peaks Albeit
are not the highest hills in the city, they are the only two hills which have
not been encroached on and still hold all their natural beauty. Furthermore,
they are positioned in such a manner that they offer an incredibly beautiful
view of the city especially at night. They are easy to climb and navigate.
4.    The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is dedicated to exhibiting modern art. Its
essence is however made unlikely by its building, the War Memorial Veterans
Building, as well as its history which goes as back as 1890. This is what goes
a long way in making the museum distinct.
5.    Fisherman’s Wharf
Wharf is well known for attracting huge crowds of diverse people. Visitors as
well as locals frequent the place to explore the antiques displayed in the
several museums. There are also shops and cafes where people can shop and eat
while socializing. Fisherman’s Wharf is also the only way to the Alcatraz
6.    Alcatraz Island
Alcatraz Island is known for hosting what was once considered America’s most
infamous prison. However, the prison has long been closed and is now one of the
top attraction sites in the city.
7.    De Young Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco
museum is distinct in that is mainly exhibits antiques from countries like
Egypt, Rome and Greece among others. It also contains ancient antiques and arts
from the east, Britain and America.
8.    Hilltop Vistas
have the choice to either climb the hills to the top by foot or alternatively
take a cable car to the top. At the summit, you get to enjoy an incredible view
of trees, land terrains as well as the city.
9.    The Golden Gate National Recreational Area
national recreational area contains a host of natural attractions like
overhanging cliffs. It also contains a large space where people can simply
relax and bask in the sun while taking in the view. There are also designated
picnic areas and walking trails.
10. The neighborhood boutiques
boutiques offer the ideal place to get antiques and other items to take back the
memories of the beautiful city. Here you can find artefacts and items like
cloths, necklaces and a host of other diverse artefacts.
Francisco is not only a beautiful city but also a great place to live in. For
people who are planning to have a visit to this beautiful city must book their ESTA visas
in advance to make their journey a comfortable one.
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