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Popular as the Golf Capital of the World, Myrtle Beach is the favourite destination for Golfers around the world. With so many golf courses available for all skill levels including beginners and seasoned scratches, Myrtle Beach is a perfect place for an unforgettable golf trip.

However, with many golf courses and different packages, it can be difficult to plan your Myrtle Beach golf trip if you are a first timer. You will find that there are lot of myrtle beach golf courses which offer different facilities and activities.With such golf courses near myrtle beach,it is always wise to book your vacation with proper planning and research.

How to Plan Your Golf Trip to Myrtle Beach?

In order to ease your planning, here are some helpful tips which will sure make your Myrtle Beach golf tour memorable!

Planning Your Golf Trip to Myrtle Beach

Select your location wisely

To enjoy your golf holiday you need to stay fresh and relaxed. So, try to find your accommodation and golf course in minimum driving distance. This will help you to enjoy most of your holiday in your golf course than driving for it. A resort with in-house golf packages may be a wise idea for a relaxing tour which saves you more time.

Book a golf vacation package

As the Golf Capital, Myrtle Beach is equipped with best golf package providers which will ease your task of planning the tour. Instead of planning your own golf tour from scratch, try to get the help of these tour providers. You can easily check different Myrtle Beach Golf Packages and book the best package that suits your needs.

Planning Your Golf Trip to Myrtle Beach

Decide the golf experience you are looking for

In order to enjoy your golf holiday, you need to define the reasons that you are planning such a trip. If you are a die-hard golfer who likes to play golf all the time, then you need to consider selecting a resort that allows you the facility of dining on site with nearby practice facilities and a place with minimum distractions. If you want mix of experiences including golf time and party time, then plan your golf tour which you can enjoy mix of activities. With nightlife activities and many popular attractions Myrtle Beach is a popular golf destination for every type of golfer!

Above are the top tips to help you to plan your golf trip to Myrtle Beach. When you are ready to book your golf tour, be sure to ready with below questions in order to make your booking process easy and smooth.

You will need to know your traveling dates, details of your group members including number of golfers and budget range you are looking for your golf package. When you know all these, it is time to book your most exciting golf tour to most popular golf destination in America, the Myrtle Beach! Don’t forget to pack everything you need to enjoy your Myrtle Beach golf tour including the travel essentials!


  1. I have the reference of booking a golf vacation package in Barcelona, so I agree on what you said about priorities or about thinking about the reasons of why we’re traveling so we can choose a golf vacation package, which means choosing a way to spend our holidays.

  2. I don’t golf. But I have heard that Myrtle Beach is absolutely beautiful. For that reason I would definitely take a vacation here.

  3. im not a lover of golf but if they have a spa in the club house, I can easily be converted 🙂 super detail post!

  4. I don’t golf, but I have always wanted to visit Myrtle Beach, I heard it was beautiful! It on my travel Bucket list.

  5. These are great tips! I used to go golfing with my Dad every year on our Summer vacation. This makes me nostalgic for that — maybe my fiance will go golfing with me if I plan this trip!


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