Bring Nature to You with These Garden Ideas

There are many options or ideas that can help you bring nature to your home, it is all about making use of the right garden ideas;

#1: Allow your lawn to grow wild

You cannot bring nature to you if you constantly mow your lawn, hence you need to leave a portion of the garden to grow wild if you want to create a natural attraction for nature. When you leave a corner of the lawn or a border to grow wild, you will not only encourage the growth of wildflowers, you will also attract butterflies and bees while the ground crawling insects will flourish thus creating a natural habitat that will attract all components of nature. You may want to rotate which area of the garden will be left to grow wild, from year to year.

#2: Bring nature with a part of your home

You can bring nature to you even with your house. The eaves of the house, for instance, can create some refuge for some wildlife components. You may want to create a green roof on top of your home to attract some natural growth but you need to ensure that the plants that grow will not cause leakages.

To attract garden nature through the eaves of your house, simply get some natural boxes, for different kinds of birds, a box with a 30-32mm entrance, for instance, can attract the likes of sparrows, while a larger box with 45mm entrance can attract species such as starlings. If you want to attract bats, you can also place their boxes near the eaves.

You should keep in mind that the eaves around the house can provide a much conducive atmosphere than trees, trees, for instance, can harbor hawks and some other large birds that eat bats. You may want to create different boxes facing a different direction and if you have a pond, you can create the nests nearby since bats prefer natural habitats such as ponds.

#3: Create a pond

Garden Ideas

If you don’t have a pond already in your home, you may want to create one and attract nature to you. A pond will provide drinking water to all kinds of animals, most especially birds and mammals. Ponds can also become a natural home to most insects and can also become a breeding area for toads, frogs, and newts. Make sure you create a standing water, no matter how small your garden space is, even if you can’t create a pond, you can get a large bucket of water somewhere near your patio and add some stones and brings into the bucket. There are discount pond liners who can help you make the right choices when it comes to designing your own pond to attract nature.

Consider adding a pond aeration system to your newly created pond. A pond aeration system not only enhances the scenic beauty of your pond but also provides numerous benefits to the aquatic ecosystem. By increasing oxygen levels in the water, a pond aeration system promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria and prevents the buildup of harmful algae. Additionally, it helps maintain water clarity, supports fish health, and creates a thriving habitat for various aquatic plants and wildlife. With the soothing sound of bubbling water and the mesmerizing sight of shimmering ripples, your pond will become a focal point of tranquility and natural beauty in your garden.

#4: Create a slow worm carpet

A small piece of fabric can be used to create slow worm carpet – reptiles that are often mistaken for snakes. Aside from slow worms, spreading a small, thick of fabric around specific parts of your garden can attract lizards and some other reptiles to take temporary shelters.

However, you also need to pay attention to pest control. Though you attract nature to your garden, pests can destroy your garden in no time. You can easily get a pest control estimate from a reputed pest control service and keep your garden in top condition without pest attacks.


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