Top 3 European Wine Destinations

Imagine you are sitting with a view of grapevines and taste some of the most popular best wines. You actually taste the best wines of the world while relaxing in the environment which these best wines are produced.

As a person who loves tasting different wines, this is one of the best opportunities you can experience in your lifetime.

So, here we listed the top 3 European wine destinations. If you plan a trip for wine destinations, keep this list with you.

However, you need to plan ahead before going to these wine destinations. The best thing is to read more about different wines. Have some idea on how to taste wines, what are the good wine types and which wines are the must taste wine types for specific regions. Simply check some wine blogs such as Jaime Barcena Villegas, so you will be with more tips and details of wine tasting before your trip.

Here is our list of Top 3 European Wine Destinations.


France is in the top of the list with its growth of wine production for the recent years. No matter which wine you like, be it red wine or white wine, France is the perfect destination to visit. You can select your favorite wine from a range of varieties including Pinot Noir. With beautiful and romantic wine landscapes, France will welcome you for a world of most popular and high quality wine.

Top 3 European Wine Destinations

Aquitaine is a popular destination inside France which you can find Chateau d’Yquem. Some believe Chateau d’Yquem is the best wine in world and Aquitaine is proud of producing that wine. You will get opportunity to taste best wines in this area while experiencing the beauty of landscapes around.

Provence is another popular destination in France which you can find some delicious red wines.


Next come to Italy. Sardinia, Sicily, Tuscany, Umbria, Amalfi Coast are popular wine producing locations in Italy where you can taste prestigious wine during traveling around. Well, Italy is popular as a paradise for wine lovers. Warning! You’ll be unable to find a bad bottle of wine because all the wines from Italy are popular as good wines.

Among the excellent wine varieties, have a sip of Orvieto Classico, which is a white wine produced in Umbria, Italy. You can find this white wine in both sweet and dry varieties. However, Sagrantino is for you if you love to taste red wine.


Spain is the next popular wine paradise for wine lovers around the world. On the other way, Spain wines are popular as affordable wines among the lovers of wine taste. Although it has a fall of production in recent years, still Spain keeps their position in world’s best wine destinations. Even you can easily find guided wine tours which will be helpful for you if you really keen on tasting different wines from different regions.

In these wine destinations, you will find breathtaking landscapes and views. So don’t forget to enjoy the nature while you experience your time around wine destinations!

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  1. Amila, I love the wine in all three of those countries, but I would love adding Germany to the list. The Germans have wonderful wine, especially white wines! Check them out!

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