It is another Friday. This week was so fast and I can’t believe that it is almost another weekend. In my recent Sri Lanka holiday, I captured some flowers and this week I am featuring Mimosa flowers. In Sri Lanka we call these plants as ‘Nidikumba’ and it is a sensitive wild plant. If you touch the leaves, the leaves will close.(sleep ) 🙂

Photo Friday - Mimosa Flowers
Mimosa Flowers

Anyway, here are my Nidikumba flowers captures which I photographed in Sri Lanka. Actually I used iPhone camera for these photos. Though these are not as sharp as of a DSLR camera, seems phone camera is much better for me for macro captures. Simply I don’t have a lens for macro but I still like capturing macro shots.

Nidi kumba flowers (Mimosa Pudica)



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    • Thanks for the comment.You’ll find everything around you beautiful when there is a camera in your hand…


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