Chicago is one of the biggest and richest cities in our planet. This place is multi-sited in Hollywood films, what makes it interesting for tourists. Essentially, good transporting and suburbs of Chicago makes it reachable for tourists and guests. There are many various touristic routes that you can meet, visiting special agencies. There is a possibility to make your own tour, depending on your time, money and preferences. Michigan Lake should be also scheduled – amazing place! Anyway, your trip will be interesting and informative.

Shedd Aquarium

There are many interesting stories you can learn about one of the oldest and biggest public aquariums in the world. Shedd Aquarium was presented to Chicago citizens by Marshall Field & Company president – John Shedd. It was opened for visitors in 1930. Frankly speaking, people really like visiting this place. It is no wonder, as more than 5 huge exhibition halls work every day, waiting for visitors.

One of them, called Amazon Rising, takes you in exciting trip on Amazon River: more than 250 kinds of river inhabitants live there, including giant anacondas, bloodthirsty piranhas and dangerous spiders. The second popular exhibition is a real Caribbean reef. All its inhabitants were carefully gathered by special scientific research expedition.


Waters of the World includes different sea inhabitants from all over the world. Wild Reef looks like Philippine fishing village in miniature. Visiting Jellies you can see hundreds of Atlantic, Japanese and striped jellies. Everyone can find something according to his or her taste. Anyway, Chicago sea paradise became a peaceful home for 25 000 sea inhabitants. Exiting performance of seals, dolphins and penguins are also available.

Art Institute of Chicago

The history of this scientific establishment starts in 1866. Institute combines two important functions: institute and museum. In 1893 the institutional establishment successfully moved to Beaux Arts – rather new building. The exposition has been changed from conservative collection at the Michigan Lake into the most expensive museums in the USA.

The modern part of the institute is a real history book of the newest arts, gathering Jackson Pollock’s and Andy Warhol’s works. People, who are not interested in modern art tendencies of bohemian world, will be glad to see something more impressive – weapon exhibition contains ancient samples of chain armors. Museum also represents a big amount of impressionists and postimpressionists creative works. If you are lucky, you can visit one of seasonable expositions, being held periodically.


Navy Pier

Navy Pier is the Eastern part of Chicago. This is the main city sight, attracting more than 8 000 000 people every year. Obviously, Pier is situated in Michigan Lake, growing to over 1 km in length. NavyPier was built in 1961. Frankly speaking, it was a place of army storage and hard discipline: Naval Forces kept their training there.

Everything has changed cardinally. In 2012 that secret object became an entertaining complex for people. To be more exact, storage rooms that were always predicted for goods traffic along the river, turned into cafes and exhibition pavilions. Peaceful ships and cruising boats took place of fighting ships. There is a botanic garden, cinema, Children’s Museum, and the main local sight – observation wheel. What a breathtaking vision! It is better to come here on holidays or weekend: there is a chance to participate in free concerts, festivals, shows.

Lincoln Park

Do you like nature sights? The territory of the biggest public park of Chicago is about 5 square kilometers. Lincoln Park is a perfect place for rest and leisure. There are 15 baseball fields, 6 basketball playgrounds, and 35 tennis-courts, more than 160 volley ball fields, yacht-clubs and beaches. People usually call this place the green lungs of Chicago.

It beggars belief, but this place was a little cemetery long time ago. Since then locals remade burial place into the big park. You know what; it takes more than 10 000USD to create a green oasis here. There are lots of interesting places to see: the oldest and popular Zoo in America, greenhouse, water theatre, monuments, museums, and Nature and History Chicago Museums are among them. It is reported that about 20 000 000 people from all over the world visit Lincoln Park every year.

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Hancock Center

Hancock Center is one of the highest sky buildings in Chicago. Just a few people know that there is a nice bar on the 96th floor of this tall building. Look at the window! The city view is exciting! The place is secret, but touristic. As a matter of fact, there are no special rules to visit bar: no dress-code, no privileges. It is always crowded here. So, you should wait for a good place at the window.

Do you want to know a secret? If you suddenly decided to visit Hancock Center, don’t worry – there is always an opportunity to clear your plan with a nice polite steward. It is really worth your money. As a result of this you’ll get an opportunity to have fun the whole night, enjoying pleasant company and beautiful Down Town city view.

Mystic Blue Cruises

What makes Chicago interesting? Being there, you should not miss a real cruise. It is so exciting to make a tip through the Michigan Lake. Do you want to make a mini cruise with lunch, dinner party and special program? Combining cruise with a good food, sea view and dancing makes your trip full of fresh impressions. The best skyline in America is a cruise program that is cheaper but high rated.

Lunch-cruise costs about 36USD, dinner-cruise – 7-USD, nigh-cruise (moonlight cruise), the most romantic one costs from 35USD. As you see, the prices are more than exactable. Visit Mystic Blue Cruises if you don’t want to miss a thing!

Hunting fresh impressions, don’t forget to try something quite new – water taxi trip. This unusual way of city transport has already become a real Chicago sight. You can do this for 6USD. Speaking about transport, bus system cooperation is well developed here. There are more than 2 000 buses, driving on 140 different city routes. Actually, you can use a bus for your trip, renting car or subway. The choice is yours! Everything depends on your time limits, money and preferences.

Author Bio: Lily Berns likes to write and take photos of interesting places. During her free time, she travels around the world with her family and friends.


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