Ways Backpacks That Can Charge your Phone are Lifesavers While Traveling

Virtually all survival blogs and survival guides have at least one lowdown on the bug out bag in their article inventory. Bug out bags, also commonly referred to as ‘bugging out’, will come up early in any serious conversation about survival. There’s a good reason for this, when disaster strikes survivors could well be pushed out to higher ground, or into the wilderness, in an escape for survival. Under such circumstances, your Bug Out Bag may be all you have (and need) to keep you alive long enough to reconsider your options and reformulate your plan.

Bug Out Bag 101

Bug Out Bag Essentials-2

Essentially, your bug out bag is the bare essential kit you need to keep you alive for a short time, in the event that you are forced from your base (your hotel, resort, campsite etc.) A fundamental thing to keep front-of-mind when planning your bug out bag is that you need to mobile (so your bag needs to stay light enough to move with relative ease). Of course we are talking about ‘your’ bug out bag here too, so your bag needs to include what ‘you’ need to survive.

The ground zero consideration in planning your bug out bag is that it is very much designed to be a temporary survival pack. You need to focus on the event in hand and your prepped bug out bag gives you the backup plan and mental breathing space to do that.

Bug Out Bag Essentials

1. Water – need I say more!
2. Fire – for warmth, cooking and attracting attention when you need to
3. Shelter – for rest and protection, from the weather and predators
4. Food – need I say more!
5. Tools – often the difference between life and death in the wilderness. Essential tools include a knife (or three), axe, knife sharpener, spark maker and rope.

Of course this guide is just a high-level overview for bug out bag plans. I highly recommend you read this detailed article for a comprehensive guide, I’ve found it be the best bug out bag list out there right now.

Bug Out Bag Essentials

My Final Word On 72 Hour Survival Plans

Being isolated in the wilderness for any length of time is often too challenging for most people to survive for long. If a disaster strikes like a flood, volcanic eruption, earthquake or war, your chances are usually much improved by finding a safe shelter within civilisation and an urban area. This is the goal your bug out bag should be primarily focused on.


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