Get home safe with a life bag

What is a life bag or a get home safe bag? Simply it is a bag with essentials which will help you to get home in any disaster that might happen while you are away from home. While we don’t want you to meet any disaster in your lifetime, we’d like to share some information on how to prepare for any disaster as prevention is always better than cure.

What to include in it?

You need to have a life bag with essentials which are helpful for survival in any disaster. Usually a life bag will includes items such as Food, Water, Medical Kit, Fire, and a basic set of tools. You need to prepare the bag with bare essentials kit which anyone of your family can use for survival in any disaster.

If anyone of your family need prescription medicine, then it is better to include such medicines in their life bag making sure the medicine are enough for 2-3 days survival.

 Get home safe with a life bag

However you need to consider the weight of the bag too. If it is to keep inside your car; weight will not be a much problem. But, if you are travelling with activities such as camping, hiking then always pack light.

How to buy a life bag?

Although you can prepare a life bag yourself by purchasing necessary items separately and putting together in one bag, it is recommended to buy a complete life bag which includes necessary items to avoid missing any essential item. as a place to buy home safe survival kits and emergency bags

We like to recommend as a place to buy home safe survival kits and emergency bags due to these reasons.

  • Their survival kits and bags come with quality products. Each bag is packed by an owner of Life Bag, assuring you the best quality.
  • is a US veteran owned and operated company.
  • You can even request a custom made bag for your requirements.
  • They offer 3 different levels of life bags, so you can choose the perfect bag for you and your family.
  • All the bags come with the essentials packed inside. So, you only need to keep the survival kit inside all your vehicles to use in any emergency.

For more information visit and see the different types of life bags and survival kits available.


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