Places to Visit in Asia

Asia is the place for the adventurers! You should find time to visit and explore the scenic beauty and hospitality of the Asian continent. When you talk of valleys, caves, hills, mountains, and lakes, be sure you will not go wrong as you embark on your incredible expedition. Today, we explore the seven best value places to visit in Asia. Here we go!

1.    Dang Valley in Nepal

That is a humongous valley in the Inner Terai district of Nepal. Visitors make their way to this place throughout the year to enjoy the extraordinary beauty in this valley. No other valley matches what you get by visiting Dang, the rivers and scenery give you a unique experience.

places to visit in Asia

The tropical climate is favorable for any new person in the area. In the valley, flows a river named Rapti, which is a landmark for this area. Chameri cave is another place in Dang valley that you will surely enjoy not forgetting the temples distributed throughout the region. Dharani and Ambekaysori temples evoke a spiritual attachment to this place.

As you move further, you will get to see the Mountain ranges such as Mahabharat and Churaya that extend to the Northern Pyuthan, Rolpa, and Salyan.

2.    The Chocolate Hills of Philippines

places to visit in Asia

The Philippines is home to a cluster of chocolate hills, and these vibrant hills will surely amaze you throughout the year. Located in the Island of Bohol, 1776 mounds protrude on the earth’s producing a chocolate view! These hills turn green during the rainy season, giving a visitor a different perspective of the chocolates. When the rain ends, the green cover gradually disappears, revealing the chocolate view.

3.    Laos Bokeo National Reserve

Have you ever thought of gibbons playing around in a beautiful and serene environment? Don’t you get worried! Laos has it all. When you visit Laos be sure to catch an experience of the Gibbon black cheeked apes jumping tree to tree in style.

With your backpack, take along some bananas to throw to the apes and see how close they are to humans. Within the forest ecosystem lies River Nam Nga which has a waterfall that you will like as you enjoy the gibbons play and swings.

4.    Danxia Landform China

Ever imagined a landscape that formed from red conglomerate and sandstone? You should visit this place! Danxia Landform China got approval as a UNESCO heritage site in August of 2010 and consists of 6 scenic areas that are distinctly red.

Danxia Landform China

One word best describes this place, and it is the word CHARMING.  The six Danxia landforms include Wuyi Mountain in Fujian, Danxia Mountain Guangdong, Dajin Lake-Fujian, Mountain Longhu-Jiangxi, Ziyuan Bajiaozhai-Guangxi, Zhangye Danxia Landform and Chishui landform. Aside from these, there are other cultural landscapes that every tourist will enjoy while on a visit to Danxia.

For an explorative visitor, Danxia landform will offer you an unlimited exposure to areas that you can enjoy yourself. Combining these natural features with hospitality from the Chinese people, you will surely get the value of your money. And do not to forget the solar backpack since you may need to trek to these remote sites to discover the best of world’s nature.

5.    Asian Lakes

Lake Baikal

As you know, Asia is the most extensive content on earth! Another thing that you need to know is that it has a series of lakes. That is not all, apart from being the largest continent; it has the largest lake as well. One such lake is the Caspian Sea, let the name not fool you.

The Caspian Sea is the most extensive inland water body in our planet covering a surface area of 378,000 Km2. Did you know that the Caspian Sea does not have an outlet? Now you know this fantastic fact as you plan that visit.

Everyone always mistakes the Caspian Sea for an Ocean or Sea, and maybe it is because of its name and saltiness. But did you know that the saltiness of the Caspian Sea is only a third of that in the oceans, pretty a small percentage, isn’t it? For European visitors, the sea is not miles away; it is just on the border of Europe and Asia.

To understand its hugeness, you need to know that the Caspian Sea accounts for……% of all water in lakes across the lake. Just so that you do not crack your head by thinking, it makes up 40% of the entire waters in lakes worldwide.

The Volga River is the largest inlet to the sea. Other lakes in the Asian continent include Lake Matano of Indonesia, Lake Balkhash of Kazakhstan, Issyk Kul of Kyrgyzstan, Lake Akan in Japan and Bratsk Reservoir in Russia. Bratsk Reservoir is unique in that it is an artificial lake constructed in 1967 on River Angara for the provision of water for the Bratsk Hydro Electric plant.

6.    Himalayas Mountains

Asia is rich in mountains, but one mountain stands out in the South East of Asia, this is the Himalayas. Rising at 24,000 feet above the sea level, Himalayas is unique with 110 peaks. The peaks are distinct from any other mountain on earth. The length of Himalayas runs for an uninterrupted stretch of 1,550 miles reaching North of Africa all the way from India.

7.    Borneo’s Mulu Cave Asia

Borneo’s Mulu cave is an out of the world experience for any visitor going to Asia. That is an extraordinarily huge cave that can swallow a whole white house. You will need an intense spotlight and torch for the fearsome darkness; therefore, the best solar backpack will surely work for you. This cave houses over 5 million bats, imagine the sounds in there, it is thrilling for your visit!

Make a point to visit to this exciting and scenic places in Asia at very affordable cost with the best experience.


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