Travel Essentials

Hey there, traveler, where’re you heading off next? Any exciting places in your itinerary? What’s inside your bag?

Wherever you’re going to, you may want to review your gear if you have everything you need. The pack you prepped for your previous journey may not be suitable for your next destination. That’s why it’s best to buy items that can be used for different situations. It’s worth it to get products that have multiple functions.

Here are some examples of versatile travel essentials:

A Flask for All Occasions

Travel Essentials

Liquor can warm up your body, which is useful in colder climates, and calm your mind, which is great to ward off the weariness and stress of travelling.

If you like carrying your drink around with you, consider bringing a flask. These customized flasks from Groovy Groomsmen Gifts are made of stainless steel. A caricature of a loved one’s face (or even that of your own) can be imprinted on the side of the flask if you want a memento of that person. That drawing can stave off homesickness—a difficult problem to face when you’re surrounded by strangers in a strange country.

These flasks are small and handy. Whenever you feel parched, down a swig without having to stop by at a bar.

A Big Leather Duffle Bag

Travel Essentials

Of course, when you’re travelling, you need a bag to put all your stuff in. WP Standard’s military duffle bags are perfect for any environment.

Duffle bags usually have more space than backpacks, and this one from WP Standard opens at the top, not the side (if you orient the bag vertically). When bringing something longer than the bag, the latter can still carry it partially since the adjustable straps can still close around the object.

Aside from that, you can add a monogram of up to three letters on the bag. That way, it’ll be easier for you to track your bag down in airport baggage conveyors.

A Bug-Repellant Shirt

Travel Essentials

Traveling to humid countries can mean sweat and mosquito bites. In other words, misery. Mosquitoes also carry diseases like malaria and dengue, so you should always take some form of bug protection with you when going to a country near the equator.

Bug sprays are the typical solutions to this problem, but they may eat up valuable space in your pack. Try wearing BugsAway clothes from ExOfficio instead. Their apparel are built with an insect shield that uses an insecticide called Permethrin. Every fiber of ExOfficio’s clothes are so tightly infused with the substance that the shield will persist through seventy launderings. On top of that, the repellant is odorless, so you won’t have to worry about any bothersome smell.

With BugsAway, you’re protecting yourself from insect bites and covering your skin from direct exposure to the sun while wearing a comfortable shirt.

A Multi-Pocket Jacket

Travel Essentials

Sometimes, it can be tiresome to carry a big bag with you wherever you go. Sometimes, it may be a better idea to leave your luggage in your hotel room, especially if you’re just sauntering around the area.

The SCOTTeVEST jacket has multiple internal pockets. In fact, if you add all pockets together, the jacket can hold as many objects as a medium-sized bag, and since they’re inside your jacket, there’s little chance of getting pickpocketed. The pockets are arranged in a way that the jacket will never appear bulky even if every pocket has an item inside.

Bon Voyage!

With flask, bag, shirt, and jacket in tow, you now have a good foundation for your travel preparations. All you need now are items for your basic necessities (food, water, hygiene, etc.) and maybe some of your favorite gadgets.

Those you can pick by preference. You’re free to bring anything else so long as you can fit them in your bag. Just know the limits of what you can reasonably carry. You don’t want to be stumbling around a foreign country, do you?


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