Travel Photography essentials

Is there any other thing that you love when you travel than your photographs? Same as any other traveller, I love capturing moments whenever I travel somewhere. Sometimes I use phone camera to capture moments, but to get more beautiful photos, you need a good camera. That’s true. Whenever I captured moments with my phone, I ended up regretting, because with my DSLR I could capture the moment better. So, here is my list of essentials to pack when you travel.


Yes, you need a good camera with you. While DSLR is the best, you can also consider a point and shoot camera. But, try to bring your DSLR camera with you. That will give you professional looking photographs. Yes, it sounds bulky, especially when you travel with a baby or a toddler. Consider investing in a good camera bag, so you won’t feel much bulky or uncomfortable.

For our recent holiday, I didn’t bring the DSLR, instead I used camera phone. But, now I regret. When I came back home, I found some of the beautiful sceneries I captured are not beautiful at all.

Travel photography: essentials to pack
I captured this flower using my phone camera.I know I can capture more sharp photo using the DSLR camera.
Travel photography-Essentials to Pack
View of a lake we visited in Sri Lanka

So, don’t forget to bring your DSLR camera with you whenever you travel if you need good travel photography. Invest on a comfortable camera bag, so you will not feel difficult to carry it with other belongings. You can get some tips from this DSLR camera backpack guide to buy the most suitable camera bag. A camera bag also ensures the safety of your camera gear.

Batteries and chargers

It is always good to have an extra battery with you. This will avoid frustration of having a camera with an almost dead battery. I know, you understand what I mean!

Memory Cards

Bring a reliable memory card with you, so you can save your photographs till you come home. Invest in a good extra memory cards, so you don’t have to worry about memory space.

Travel photography: essentials to pack
When you have lot of memories of the same place                                         Location:University of Peradeniya
Travel Tripod

If you are really keen on taking more photographs in different times of the day and in different angles, consider carrying a travel tripod with you. A tripod will ensure Sharp shots even in low light or at night.

Travel photography: essentials to pack
Sunset over Kandy Lake– Sri Lanka

Above are the basic travel photography essentials for me, especially during family trips. However depending on your purpose, you can carry different lenses and filters to capture beautiful moments.

What are you basic travel photography essentials? Do you carry different lenses with you?



  1. Amila, Yes! As I work in a type of expat community where people are making lifelong memories, I see them using their camera phone all the time. I want to rush up to them and tell them to buy a DSLR! It does make a difference!

  2. I second your love of the DSLR. I recently got a mirror less camera and I think it’s ok. Basically a higher end camera phone. It won’t be replacing my DSLR though.

  3. A DSLR camera is essential but such a pain to carry around for me at least. I tend to use a point and shoot and leave the DSLR camera to Gordon. However, I have at times, taken some quite nice photos on my iPhone.


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