Did you notice that I was missing for few weeks? Even I didn’t update the Tuesday Travel story post for few weeks. I spent a holiday in Sri Lanka and it was a sudden arrangement. So, even I didn’t have much time to arrange few posts.

We visited few places during our stay in Sri Lanka, some visits are to meet friends and relatives’ .Some visits are to the interesting places of Sri Lanka. Our Kandy tour is such a road trip and today I thought of starting my travelogues with highlights and captures of the Kandy road trip photos. Kandy is one of the major cities of Sri Lanka. There are lot of attractions to see in this city which was also the last kingdom of Sri Lanka. The main purpose of this visit is to pay a visit to the Temple of the Tooth Relic. We also visited some few other places during the same trip.

Our route: Warakapola-Kegalle-Mawanalla-Kadugannawa- Peradeniya-Kandy

We started our road trip to Kandy from Warakapola, which is my husband’s home place. Unfortunately it was heavily raining. But we started our tour because we are with few days and especially I knew that if we didn’t go on that day, we cannot make it.


After a short drive through heavy rain, we stopped for a tea at the Green park Restaurant, Mawanella. This is a usual place to stop whenever we travel to Kandy. We had some Sri Lankan short eats (Breads,buns,etc) with some plain tea (black tea).

Greenpark Rastaurant-Mawanella-Review

Having a plain cup of tea with a spicy short eat is a wonderful experience for me when I am in Sri Lanka. This restaurant is a clean place with wash room facilities. It provides an ideal resting place for anyone who travels along the Colombo Kandy Road.

Greenpark Rastaurant-Mawanella-Review

However, on that day, there were some monkeys trying to get food from the restaurant. Restaurant staff was trying hard to chase them away. Anyway it was nice scenery for my son and he enjoyed looking at monkeys although it is not a good experiance for others. 🙂

After a short break, we started again. It was still raining and we slowly reached Kadugannawa.

Kadugannwa Ambalama-Sri Lanka
Kadugannwa Ambalama-Sri Lanka

With hilly mountainous area, we know we are reaching Kadugannawa. This beautiful location and beautiful town welcomed us to the Central Province of Sri Lanka with its picturistic views. The first attraction we find always is ‘Kadugannawa Ambalama’(a historic wayside rest).It was heavily raining, so we didn’t come out from the vehicle. Anyway this historical rest place in Kadugannawa is said to be built during the English colonial time of Ceylon.

Stalls, selling boiled corn

In Kadugannawa, you will find small shops which sell fruits and other stuffs for those who travel along the Kandy Road. As usual we saw shops which sell boiled corn. This is one of our favorites in any road trip. Freshly boiled corn are something not to miss whenever travel in Sri Lanka. But this time, we were not so fortunate as it was raining.

Stalls which sell fruits,sweets and toys

With heavy rain, we couldn’t experience the beauty of Kadugannawa hilly area. But outside was really beautiful with mist around.




Rock Piercing or Kadugannawa Tunnel is the next attraction in Kadugannawa along the Kandy Road.With newly constructed road,anyone can avoid this rock tunnel,but I asked my husband to drive through the tunnel.

Kadugannwa Rock Tunnel-Sri-Lanka

This Kadugannawa rock tunnel is one of the significant landmarks we find along the Colombo – Kandy main road. Constructed by British, it still remains as a historical icon and a landmark making another attraction to Kadugannawa.

After passing the rock tunnel we reached Kadugannawa town.Captain Dawson Tower is one of the major attractions in Kadugannawa town.The Dawson Tower is in memory of Captain Dawson who led the British team of engineers to construct the Colombo Kandy Road.

The next most highlighted place in Kadugannawa is ‘Railway Station’. This time we saw an addition.It is ‘National Railway Museum of Sri Lanka‘.


We didn’t visit this newly opened railway museum,but we could see some of the train engines and wagons parked outside.I hope we will be able to visit the museum in another Sri Lankan holiday.

National Railway Museum

We had an exciting day although it was disturbed by the rain.It seems I have to write another post to share moments of Kadugannawa to Kandy road trip.This is not our first trip to Kandy.But still, a road trip to Kandy is more exciting and enjoyable.

I will share the other photos and details of the next stretch of this trip.Till then,I’d love to hear your comments about this trip.Please share your thoughts about Sri Lanka.

(Update: Read the next post about this Kandy Road trip)


  1. Aww this is such an amazing trip. The place looks stunning! I had been away too. We are having some family problems that needs sorting out so I am not that active in blogging and I only realized that my linky is not working. Haha. I am so messed up at the moment. Hopefully I can go back soon.

  2. How lovely to have an unplanned trip. Going thru that rock tunnel would have been so much fun. Thanks for linking up!

  3. Very interesting article. Would have taken the route many times, but enjoy reading of someone else’ experience. Thanks for sharing.

    • I am glad that you like this post and thanks for the comment.Until I write this post,even I didn’t realize this much things to enjoy and see along Kandy Road.


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