National Railway Museum - Kadugannawa - Sri Lanka

These are some photos of the National Railway Museum which is located in Kadugannawa,Sri Lanka.We actually didn’t get the chance to visit the Railway museum and see the exhibits.Instead these are captures of the railway engines which are kept at the outside of the museum.I still wish to visit this place in our next holiday to Sri Lanka and hope to write another detailed post about our experiences.Till that hope these pictures will inspire you to visit the National Railway Museum of Kadugannawa if you visit along the Colombo Kandy road.

National Railway Museum - Kadugannawa - Sri Lanka
National Railway Museum- Kadugannawa

If you travel Kandy through Colombo Kandy road,then this railway museum is located at Kadugannwa railway station.A good attraction for both young and adults and we hope to visit it and see all the exhibits in our next Kandy trip.

National Railway Museum - Kadugannawa - Sri Lanka
National Railway Museum – Kadugannawa,Sri Lanka

These are some of the views captured from outside of Sri Lanka National Railway Museum-Kadugannawa.

National Railway Museum Kadugannawa
Views from Sri Lanka National Railway Museum-Kadugannawa

Do you like Railway museums?Have you been to Sri Lanka? Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is another attraction along the Colombo Kandy road which you should check!


  1. If I am ever able to visit Sri Lanka, this would be one stop that I would love to make. I love trains!


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