Best Tips to Travel Smart with your Smartphone
Travel  with Smartphone?

Today, Smartphones have
taken an authoritative place in everyone’s life. It is not a surprise that if someone
wonder how a life is possible without a smartphone. Nowadays with the
popularity of smartphones, most travelers use it while travelling abroad. 
How about you? Do you use
your smartphone while travelling? Have you ever received a huge roaming bill
once you came back home?

Although we all do not want
to have bill surprises when come back home; most of us still like to use the
smartphone while traveling abroad. I am sure you are also into this category. Then,
how to avoid huge bill surprises? Here are few simple tips you can apply before
you travel and during your travel overseas.
Your E-Mail to Manual
Before you travel, remember
to check your email settings. Change the settings to manual if it is not in
manual mode. This simple step will avoid automatically downloading emails with attachments.

Sure that  Your Phone Will Work in Your travel
Phone companies around the
world use different technologies and frequencies.Therefore check and make sure that
your phone will work while you are in overseas. It is no use if you bring your
phone, but cannot use it there during your travel.
how to check if the phone will work or not?
Check the phone’s user
manual .Your phone must use the GSM system. If it supports GSM, it will work abroad.
If you are unsure and if you cannot clearly find it inside the manual, call the
cell company you bought and check with them.

Although you can use roaming
facility while your stay, it can be very costly. So, if you prefer to avoid
roaming charges entirely, the best solution is to buy a SIM card from a local
company at your destination.
The best thing is that you’ll
pay local rates and most of the time you will get free incoming calls.
However, most mobile phones sold
are “locked” to a single network. There is a solution. You can buy an
unlocked phone from major retailers, but usually the price is higher than of a
locked phone.
If you think you cannot
afford an unlocked phone, the next option is to buy a locked phone and unlock
it. You can unlock your existing smartphone too.
If you don’t know how to do this,
don’t worry. You can easily unlock it yourself with an access code.
Here are some easy steps on
how to unlock your smartphone.

  • First, make sure your smartphone
    can be unlocked.You need to check this because some models don’t allow it.

  • Follow the instructions
    given in the order form and unlock the phone.

Most of the hotels and
famous restaurants are available with free Wi-Fi. Use the maximum advantage of
it. Try to check your e-mail and use apps when you are in a Wi-Fi hot spot.
Have a portable extra battery with you
Finally, enjoy your trip. Although
all above tips are great to reduce your expenditure during travel, don’t get
stressed. Instead try to use your smartphone for necessary Apps to find the
best restaurant around or to find the largest shopping mall. At the same time, keep
in mind to have a portable extra battery with you. Do you know why? All those
apps will run down your battery very fast!
Best Tips to Travel Smart with your Smartphone
Enjoy your Travel  with your Smartphone

Are you planning your next
trip? Try these simple steps and make your next trip more enjoyable.
Also please share if you
have any more tips to add to this list.
Do you use your smartphone
while travelling?


  1. Great tips! I am not a technophile and I do not use my phone when I travel but these are really nice tips I should tell my mom for example, she loves technology! haha I am following you via GFC, it would be nice if you followed me back 🙂

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