Gardening Efforts During Holiday in Sri Lanka

I love gardening. I also love nature. Spending my free time in garden activities always made me refresh from my childhood days. But, living in an apartment in Singapore, now I don’t have the luxury of gardening in spacious lands with freedom to enjoy the beauty of nature. Instead, I use container gardening with limited space available. Though such indoor gardening still allows me to pass my time, I always like to spend time gardening outdoors. This burning desire makes me a gardener whenever I visit Sri Lanka for my holidays. 🙂

Gardening Efforts During Holiday in Sri Lanka

I spend more time in outdoor when I visit Sri Lanka. In both my parents’ and in laws gardens, I enjoy the luxury of involving in gardening activities. These activities include making new flower pots, weeding, fertilizing, trimming and watering. After all, I love enjoying my time photographing the flowers in the garden. This is why my holidays are full of flower pictures.

These leisure activities make me relax and I come back to Singapore with fresh mind to start my usual lifestyle which is full of hustle and bustle.

Gardening Efforts During Holiday in Sri Lanka

Few days ago I found some photographs of flower pots which I planted during my recent Sri Lanka holiday. Though I only shared flower photos so far which I captured during my holidays, I thought sharing these gardening attempts can be interesting. If you love both gardening and traveling, I am sure these gardening efforts will inspire you.

During this Sri Lanka holiday, (November-December 2017), I bought few potted plants to decorate the verandah of parents’ home which is my favourite place to read a book. I bought few plants and repotted into hanging pots which made perfect view for my tired eyes.

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Gardening Efforts During Holiday in Sri Lanka

I also bought some vegetable plants and created a vegetable bed which was an exciting experience for both me and my son. Few months later, recently my mom called and said our plants are already grown and started flowering. Soon these vegetable plants will give some harvest to my parents which was an exciting news for me.

Though I spend such leisure time in gardening activities in Sri Lanka, my potted plants in Singapore has already weakened with no water and attention. I experience this in each of my holidays. But, I have a nice neighbor who sprinkle some water to my pots. So, although the plants are weak, her volunteer help keeps me thankful to her as I still have some plants to give attention during the rest of months in Singapore.

Though I involve in garden activities in my parents’ home garden, there are also garden tours available for travelers to enjoy their time with gardening experiences. How about you? Do you love gardening? How do you enjoy gardening activities when you travel? Please share your thoughts.


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