Sri Lanka Holiday: Time to say Goodbye
Sri Lanka Holiday: Time to say Goodbye

It is the end of another relaxing holiday in Sri Lanka. Finally it is time to say Goodbye to Sri Lanka, parents and friends. I always experience this moment with full of different feelings mix with sadness. On the other way, my kid is eager to reach Singapore and meet his father. It seems he is missing his father as only we both spent another one month in Sri Lanka while my husband returned back to Singapore after few weeks.

This time our holiday started at the end of the October. Although we had great time in Sri Lanka, my kid caught with fever giving us few sleepless nights. That was a new experience for us and alarmed to prepare for such sudden medical issues in our next trips.

While enjoying time with parents and friends, we also visited few places. Anuradhapura pilgrim tour is one of the best experiences I remind always. Other than that, we had shopping and dining experiences making it time to experience Sri Lanka.As always I spent time experiencing the views of nature and flower photography.Check some of my captures of white flowers from Sri Lanka during this Sri Lanka holiday.

Departure from Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Holiday: Time to say Goodbye
The Buddha Statue at the Katunayake International Airport,Sri Lanka

At the Colombo, Katunayake International Airport, we had good time in every process including check in. (Iโ€™ve done online check in to save time). As I travelled with my kid, I was bit nervous. I knew I had to travel with Emirates which is not a good experience for me in any tour. Knowing that, we again booked our return ticket for the itinerary from Sri Lanka to Singapore with Emirates flight simply because of the arrival time to Singapore. It supposed to arrive to Singapore at around 9pm night time. Also we used a combined ticket using Sri Lankan airlines to our departure from Singapore to Sri Lanka and Emirates to arrive Singapore from Sri Lanka. This combination saved us few bucks from both my and my kidโ€™s flight tickets.

Sri Lanka Holiday: Time to say Goodbye
Christmas Decorations at the Colombo Katunayake Airport

It was the time for Christmas celebrations and year-end holidays. Although Colombo airport was not crowded, it was decorated for Christmas. My kid was happy to see Santa at the airport and he was excited to capture a photo.

Sri Lanka Holiday: Time to say Goodbye
My kid met Santa at the airport! ๐Ÿ™‚

But, I was nervous with next few hours traveling with him. I wanted to feed him well before the flight because I always experience late meal at the Emirate flights.

Sleeping passengers at the Airport

Why passengers sleep at the airport seats occupying 4 seats? ๐Ÿ™‚ย  I wanted to find two seats together as I was looking for a place to sit with my kid. But, almost all seats were occupied. In other seats, some passengers were sleeping or using their smart phones while in sleeping position. (Occupying 4 seats for 1 passenger)

As Katunayaka Airport is not with bigger seating areas, I found it nervous and stressful as I cannot feed the kid before the flight.

At the Gate

Finally, we were at the gate ready to board. Not sure it is allowed or not, I started feeding my kid with his lunch and also a cup of milk. We were ready to board. But, the flight was delayed. Now, the kid started playing, singing and all sort of things he can do with the energy he gained after having his meal!

Finally, flight was arrived. I was nervous to experience another 3-4 hours in an Emirates flight with a kid. We always had good experience with Emirates as a couple or as a single traveler. But when we started traveling with the kid, I always had stressful moments in Emirates flights. Not a good experience at all.

Most of the previous trips I did not get desired assistance from the Emirates cabin crew. It was same in this flight too which was already late to depart from Sri Lanka. Not only the kid, I was tired too when we boarded to the flight.

Anyway, finally we reached to Singapore around 1 hour late than the previous estimated time.

Sri Lanka Holiday: Time to say Goodbye
At the Changi Airport , Singapore

And the kid! He was the happiest to see Singapore after a long holiday in Sri Lanka. Although he was really silent at the Sri Lanka Airport, he was a happy kid in Singapore airport. Singapore is the country he was born and growing. It seems he feels like he is in home while I was still in mixed feelings of saying Goodbye to Sri Lanka!





  1. I also find it inconvenient not having enough seats for passengers in an airport lobby just because some would occupy more than they should. Anyway, happy that your little guy is excited to see his dad. Must be a fun reunion though it’s not really much of a reunion.

  2. I don’t know about you but I feel disappointed and frustrated (sometimes) with the passengers to sleep or occupy 4 seats. There are lounges at the airport that they could use to sleep in or lounge and allow other passengers to actually sit down. However, the other part of myself keeps on trying to understand their situation. It could be that their flight is delayed and they do not wish to miss the flight so they just stay there. It’s good that you haven’t experienced any turbulence during your flight!

  3. Leaving parents’ home is always a painful moment.
    And the airport experience isn’t too good. How insensitive of the passengers to occupy 4 seats like that. It should be brought to airport authority’s notice. Good to know your son is enjoying Singapore now.

  4. I never encounter a passenger who occupy 4 seats in the airport while waiting for his or her departure but I used to see such scenes in many photos online. I understand they are tired and they just want to get enough sleep but they should be very considerate that there are many other passengers who would like to rest and to take a seat too.
    I have never been to Sri Lanka but it seems like a very interesting place to explore!
    Although I know how sad it is to leave your parents after that long stay, I’m sure on a better side, you and your family had a great time during your vacation in Sri Lanka

  5. Spending time waiting for the plane is among the worst moments of any trip. There are always many rude passengers that make me frustrated and angry. But I never let them ruin my trip. Nevertheless, it is truly hard to understand the behavior of some people. Some of them act as they are the owners of the airport or something like that.

  6. Would love to experience Christmas someplace else. Never done that yet. Aww, sorry to hear. I think it’s a thing for some to sleep in the airport. Sadly, they should also be considerate of other passengers. On a positive note, I’m glad you had a safe flight.

  7. I always find it heartbreaking to leave my parents home, regardless of how old I get!

    I know it’s inconvenient, but please don’t feel bad for the people who may use 4 seats. We don’t always know their story. When I returned to France last year my flights were delayed due to strikes so I was in transit for more than 2 days before I could return home. I was one of those people who slept in many seats.

    I hope you’re happy to be home and to enjoy your time until your next visit!

  8. Long holidays can be so much fun, yet very stressful too. Plane delays also make traveling a nightmare. Im sorry your kid got sick. Leaving behind people you love is the hardest thing. Just keep telling yourself that the next trip will be here before you know it. Im not sure I could live far away from my mom. Merry Christmas!

  9. Don’t feel sad, disappointed and frustrated. Just use those experiences to be better for your next travel. True enough that sometimes, there are inevitable in our travels. The way it should be happy when we travel, we could experience circumstances like this. Hope you are well!


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