Sri Lanka Flowers
Wathusudda flowers

Having a holiday in Sri Lanka is always enjoyable. This is the time of the year that we enjoy time with our family members and friends. Other than spending time with family members, I also get time to spend among natural views of Sri Lanka.

I just started my Sri Lanka holiday. It is raining here. However, I have enough flower captures to share. As always this is the time I spend among flowers and flower photography.

Below are some white flowers I captured during these days. While sharing travel experiences and travel tips through this blog, I also like to document the flowers I find in Sri Lanka.

Wathusudda (Tabernaemontana divaricata, pinwheel flower) is a common flower found in Sri Lankan home gardens. These flowers can be found easily throughout the year. Other English names for Wathusudda : Pinwheel flower, Pinwheel jasmine, Crape Jasmine

Sri Lanka Flowers
White Flowers from Sri Lanka : Wathusudda flowers

With beautiful blooms and fresh flowers that cover the wathusudda plant, these flowers make pleasant views for any home. In Sri Lanka, it is also used for offerings for Buddha. Also, it is good for simple decorations.

pinwheel flowers
wathusudda flowers are good for simple home decorations with flowers.

Below is another type of wathusudda that is easy to find in Sri Lanka.The petals of these flowers are thicker than the common type of wathusudda which I shared above.

Sri Lanka Flowers
A type of wathusudda

Below is a bloom of the above wathusudda type.As the petals are thick,these flowers can remain a day or two without wilting.

Sri Lanka Flowers
Wathusudda blooms

A tour to Sri Lanka may not complete if you don’t have a look into the flora and fauna as Sri Lanka is a country blessed with nature’s beauty.Among the many flowers,wathusudda is popular simply because it is easy to grow and there are also different types.Below is another type of wathusudda easily find in Sri Lanka.

White Flowers from Sri Lanka
White Flowers from Sri Lanka : A kind of wathusudda flower (Double Flowering Crape Jasmine)

All above are different types of white flowers found in Sri Lanka.Among the white flowers,we cannot forget jasmine flowers (pichcha flowers) which also with good fragrance.Earlier I shared some posts about gata pichcha flowers and wild jasmine flowers.Below is a capture of Saman Pichcha flowers which is another type of Jasmine that emits good fragrance.

White Flowers from Sri Lanka
White Flowers from Sri Lanka : Saman Pichcha flower

If you like to know about the flowers of Sri Lanka,please check this post about Kadupul flower.This beautiful flower will make you surprised with its unique details!

Do you like to capture flowers?Do you like these beautiful white flowers from Sri Lanka?


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