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This is another beautiful flower that we find commonly in Sri Lanka. Unfortunately, I am not sure about its English name or botanical name. In Sri Lanka we call these flowers as ‘GiniKuuru Mal’ ( ගිනිකූරු මල්  ). Usually, these are grown as small vines and we can see a lot of tiny single flowers in the plant. The bright red colour is so attractive and these flowers can create any garden so beautiful. These are also found in white colour.

Update: Thanks for the readers comments, I found the name of these flowers. These are called ”Cypress Vine” in English. Other common names in Sri Lanka other than Ginikuuru mal ( ගිනිකූරු මල්  ) include ,Rata Pamba (රට පඹ) and Bambu (බඹු).

Gini Kuuru Mal
Sri Lanka Flowers – Gini Kuuru Mal

I usually like to feature Sri Lanka flowers in this blog. Each of my holiday in Sri Lanka gives me the opportunity to capture a lot of common Sri Lanka flowers, but sometimes it is difficult to find the English name or botanical name.

Sri Lanka Flowers- Gini Kuuru Mal
Sri Lanka Flowers: Ginikuuru mal ( ගිනිකූරු මල්  )

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