Red Weaver Ants Nest

These Red Weaver Ants (Oecophylla smaragdina) are a common sight in Sri Lanka and I came across them building a nest when I was in Sri Lanka in October for a holiday. In Sri Lanka we call these nests of Red Weaver Ants as ‘Dimi Gotu’. And if you have such experience, you should know how painful if any of this weaver ant bite you.

They fold down the leaves of this Ixora plant to make their nest. With their own sticky substance these Red Weaver Ants are clever enough to glue the leaves from the selected plant and create a beautiful nest for them.

Red Weaver Ants
Busy Red Weaver Ants

It is really interesting to see how they work together to build their nest or colony using all their strength, sometimes creating a bridge using their bodies in order to make the nest strong and without the gaps.

Do you have experience with these Red weaver ants?

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