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I love to watch sunset and sunrise. In our recent visit to the East Coast Park Singapore, I was eagerly waiting for watching sunset. I know sunset over the sea is really beautiful. I was dreaming. We were waiting and waiting till our kid start showing signs of tiredness. And finally around 6.30 pm we returned home. We couldn’t watch sunset. 🙁 But I could capture few moments of sky and its changes before the sunset. Hope you like to see these photos.

Sky Before the Sunset
Sky Before the Sunset

The above capture is from the side of the sky which we ware waiting to see the sunset.I’ve watched sunset at the East Coast Park before few years ago and I can remember how beautiful it was.On this day,it was just changes of colour on the sky and we had to leave home before the sun sets!

Sky Before the Sunset

Sky Before the Sunset
This is the other side of the sky.Stil it is blue….Seems it is not ready to accept the sunset 🙂
Sky Before the Sunset
Sky is getting dark
Other side of the sky is still blue..
Sky Before the Sunset at the East Coast Park Singapore
Sky Before the Sunset at the East Coast Park Singapore – This side is still blue,but we could see clouds and patterns.

Do you love to watch sunset?Please share your comments below.



Amila Wickramarachchi

Amila Wickramarachchi is a Food & Travel blogger who writes both Food Corner and this travel blog.She resides in Singapore.

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  1. Lovely photos and enjoyable visit to east coast park Singapore through your pictures. I’m a blogger who’s posting at Wordless Wednesday. I love sunrise and sunset here in Tucson, AZ. Perhaps you’d enjoy my post taken one bright sunny morning, “Wordless Wednesday at Tohono Chul Park.” Warm regards, Nancy A @

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