Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple-Singapore
Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple-Singapore

In Singapore there is a temple which follows Theravada Buddhist tradition and it is a Sri Lankan temple. Most of the traditions are according to Sri Lankan Buddhist tradition, so we visit the temple in special occasions.

Usually we visit the Burmese Buddhist Temple simply because it is located bit near to our home.Few months ago, we visited this Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple again and these are some of the captures from the temple.

Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple-SingaporeSacred Bodhi tree (Bo tree) is one of the must haves in any Buddhist temple and there is a Bodhi tree in this Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple too. It is a very calm and quiet place and perfect for meditation or to relax forgetting the entire world.

There are four Buddha statues placed in this Bodhi tree facing each directions and devotees can do the offerings such as flowers,oil lamps etc.

Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple-Singapore
Sacred Bodhi tree of Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple-Singapore

In above photo you can see my son who was really happy to stay in the calm and peaceful environment running here and there picking fallen leaves from the Bodhi tree.

Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple-Singapore
Offerings for Lord Buddha
Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple-Singapore
Statue of Reclining Buddha at Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple-Singapore

Built in 1952, this Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple is considered as the oldest Sri Lankan Theravada Buddhist Temple in Singapore. The temple is located in a spacious land in St Michael’s Road. The huge Reclining Buddha is one of the reasons to make this Buddhist temple so special. Usually in Sri Lanka we can see huge Buddha statues like this.

Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple-SingaporeThe temple is with beautiful paintings.Lotus is one of the common flower which we can notice in buddhist related paintings.Even in this Buddhist temple,I noticed lotus flowers paintings in the ceiling.

I visited there with my mother.She brought the below offering from Sri Lanka specially to offer this temple.(some sort of Buddhist tradition)

After offering the below handmade lotus to Buddha ,she was very happy.

Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple-SingaporeFor me,I felt like I was in Sri Lanka,because we could meet some Sri Lankans there.Most of the traditions and things in the temple are exactly as in Sri Lanka.Of course we also had some Sri Lankan meal too.

How to get there:

If you visit the Sri Lankaramaya temple you can easily reach by taxi,by bus or by MRT.


Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple

30-C St Michaelโ€™s Road Singapore 328002
Tel: +65 6391 0031

Nearest MRT Station:

Boon Keng MRT (NE9) Walk 11 mins from Exit A

Nearest Bus Stop (bus stop B60161)

Buses: 13, 23, 26, 31, 64, 65, 66, 107, 125, 133, 147, TIBS 857, 985


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