Elephant Sculptures Little India
Makara by ZERO

Do you know that there is a herd of colourful elephants in Little India, Singapore? From big elephants to small little ones, you can find different elephants decorated with colourful artwork. This post is about our hunting of elephant sculptures in Little India!

Little India, which is one of the historical districts of Singapore is one of the tourist attractions that has many things to offer. From colourful street arts to delicious food there are many things to do in Little India including vibrant temples. These colourful elephant sculptures are another attraction in Hindoo Road, Little India.

Recently I shared this colours of Little India post to feature some of the colourful attractions that anyone can enjoy. A walking tour is one of the best ways to experience Little India’s culture and history.

Elephant Sculptures Little India
Elephant Sculptures – Little India

We found these colourful elephant sculptures on Hinddo road every time we visited our favourite eating place ‘Palaniyappa Restaurant’. As I mentioned in this post too, we see these elephant sculptures on most of our Little India visits. Finally, I thought it is better to share some of the photos as a blog post to share the vibrant colours, artwork and beauty of Little India with the world.

Elephant Sculptures Little India

If you like posing, these elephants will give you a beautiful and colourful photo opportunity too 🙂

Elephant Sculptures Little India

I found this little elephant is so adorable. But, someone has forgotten to throw his drink cans into a dustbin.

Elephant Sculptures Little India
White, pink and yellow elephants
Elephant Sculptures Little India

I found that the artwork of these elephants is done by ZERO, one of the famous street art artists in Singapore. It is named as Makara.

Makara by ZERO

Palaniyappa Restaurant which is one of our favourite restaurants in Little India is located just opposite these elephant sculptures. I mentioned it in this post as well. We visit this restaurant frequently, and we found these colourful elephants too.

Don’t forget to look at the sidewall of the building this restaurant is located. It is one of the famous murals of Little India.

Working Class Hero – Mural by ZERO

”Working Class Hero”, mural by ZERO: This mural is a portrait that features the famous Tamil film star, Rajinikanth. 

”Working Class Hero”, is a mural done by ZERO who is a popular artist in Singapore who has contributed great art pieces. This mural is done as a tribute to the migrant workers in Singapore.

”Working Class Hero”, mural by ZERO

Location of the mural and Palaniyappa Restaurant: 11 Hindoo Road (Carpark)

Location of the Elephant sculptures: Just opposite the Palaniyappa Restaurant at Hindoo Road

Do you think these elephants are colourful and adorable? Please share your thoughts as a comment.

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Check walking along the streets of Little India

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  1. Amila – these are wonderful creatures, and they will stand still for a photo! Thanks for sharing them with everyone at Mosaic Monday!

  2. Love all those colourful elephants and the beautiful mural too.
    Many years ago we had a “cows exhibition” here in Perth with small cow sculptures painted by famous Australian artists.
    Singapore is on my to visit list, so many interesting things to see. I’ll be flying to Europe via Singapore, but just a few hours at the airport.

    • A “cows exhibition” with colourfully painted cows sounds interesting. There are many places to visit in Singapore even in airport transit. Changi airport itself is with attractions such as Jewel. Be sure to visit these attractions.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting. Have a great day!

  3. The children must love to see these cute elephants! It’s always sad to see people throw things down and spoil it for others. But how neat these are, thank you for sharing them!

  4. What spectacular spaces you shared with us.
    I have a small shelf with small elephants. But to see them here so painted was quite amazing.
    I like also the painted murals.
    Happy WW and a fine week, Amila!

  5. …the elephants are fun, we have a series of horses here. The ”Working Class Hero” mural is a great find. Thanks for hosting.

  6. Gah! These are just the sweetest little sculptures! I think my favorite is the turquoise elephant sitting just so 🙂 Thank you for sharing these photos with us here! Have a great weekend!

  7. Hello, Amila
    I just love the cute and colorful elephants. They are wonderful sculptures.
    Great mural and message to the working class. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

  8. I know there are traditions there and also that Indian elephants are very important to Hindus because they believed they were the embodiment of Lord Ganesh. Ganesha or Ganesh is a four-handed, elephant-headed Hindu deity who is the lord of good fortune, removes obstacles and represents success. Many tourists will probably come to see and film or photograph these beautiful elephants. Zero are a wonderful artist.


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