I had another exciting moment in Sri Lanka when I watched this beautiful sunrise at Buruma temple, Sri Lanka. After watching the spectacular sunset along the Colombo Katunayake Expressway, I was fortunate to catch up with an amazing sunrise moment.

I am eager to watch the sky and changes of the amazing sky with different colours any time of the day, but specially during the sunset and sunrise.

It was 2019 and I was in Sri Lanka for a quick holiday. My mother wanted to go to the Burmese Buddhist temple in our neighbourhood for some Buddhist rituals and I joined her early in the morning.

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Wathusudda / Pinwheel flowers / Crepe jasmine

Usually, when we go to the temple, we bring some flowers to offer Buddha. So, I picked some flowers from our home garden. Usually, it is a bag full of these white pinwheel flowers! In Sri Lanka, we called these as Wathusudda flowers. We have a few different types of pinwheel flowers at our home garden.

Pinwheel flowers / Crepe jasmine / Wathusudda

It was interesting because we walked to the temple early in the morning through the paddy fields. It was a wonderful experience with the morning breeze, birds’ tweets and finally, I watched this spectacular sunrise too.

Paddy fields over Buruma Viharaya
Paddy fields over the temple
Sunrise at Buruma Temple

Burmese Temple, Korathota, Kaduwela

Well, the location is the Burmese Buddhist temple which is situated at Korathota, Kaduwela. It is a beautiful Buddhist temple, yet new to our neighbourhood. While I was preparing for the rituals, I found something precious in the sky. It was this sunrise moment.

Okay, in a temple I know I have to behave in a different way. But, as a laywoman, I couldn’t control myself. Finally, here are some wonderful sunrise moments from Sri Lanka.

Sunrise at Buruma viharaya Korathota

The view was disturbed with this tower in the paddy field. But,I didn’t try to avoid it.

Sunrise at Buruma viharaya Korathota
Spectacular sunrise moment

Do you see the reflection? That’s the most amazing moment for me on that day.

Buruma viharaya Korathota
Sunrise over Buruma Viharaya, Korathota, Kaduwela

Below is the sacred Bodhi tree of the Korathota Burmese Temple or mostly popular as Buruma Viharaya.

Buruma viharaya Korathota Kaduwela
Bodhi tree at Buruma Viharaya, Korathota, Kaduwela

I also captured the paddy field. But, I couldn’t operate my camera more than that as I had to attend our rituals.

It was another memorable moment in Sri Lanka. When I write this post, it reminded me that I haven’t featured this neighbourhood in my blog. But, this is a beautiful residential area in Colombo district with many historical attractions. I look forward to visiting Sri Lanka soon to enjoy the life there and hopefully some beautiful moments from the neighbourhood where I was grown! 🙂

Location: Buruma Viharaya, Korathota, Kaduwela, Sri Lanka

I hope you enjoyed watching this Sunrise at Buruma Temple. If you are in Sri Lanka, be sure to visit this temple early to catch a spectacular sunrise over the paddy fields.

Another bird guest at our home

A few days ago I shared some captures of a kingfisher who visited us. This time it is a myna bird. These birds are common here in Singapore and usually, they are on our clothes drying rack. But this time they visited us from the front gate and stayed until I noticed and captured 🙂

Myna Bird

Do you like to watch the sky, birds or nature? What was your recent amazing experience while watching the sky? Please share your thoughts as a comment. 🙂

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  1. …typically I wouldn’t want the electric power in a picture, but here it looks like a work of art! Very nice.

  2. Hi Amila,
    thank you for visiting my site. The English term “leisure” was previously unknown to me. I’m sure I had already read it (certainly in connection with fashion), but never translated it. Learned something again. –
    Sorry I can’t see your photos. But maybe it just takes a little longer. I’ll leave the page open.
    Kind regards – Elke (The Nature Thursday)

  3. Hello Amalia,
    Beautiful sunrise captures. The jasmine blooms are lovely, I wish I could smell their scent.
    I like your pretty Blackbird, great collection of photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, enjoy your weekend. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

  4. Beautiful shots of the sunrise even with the power structure in the pictures. I often see my neighbours collecting the pinwheels flowers from the tree they planted in front of their houses for their prayer. There are birds visiting my garden but they are too fast for my camera.

  5. Hello Amalia, :=) Oh my goodness, what beautiful sunrise captures. The glow of the sun in the water is amazing. The tower structure does not detract from it’s beauty. I liked seeing the Myna Bird with it’s light coloured eyes, and The lovely white blooms.

  6. Very beautiful images. But I really do not understand why, I had to open them in a new window, because I could not see them inside the post.
    Very special ideas. Thank you for sharing them in our game.
    Have a beautiful weekend and Spring!

  7. Everything is beautiful, a calming for the soul.
    Your Myna photos are perfect.

    Thanks for sharing your link.
    ~Anni @ I’d Rather B Birdin’

  8. Sunrises have a beauty all of their own that changes as the atmosphere changes. I’m glad the sunrise greeted you so happily on your temple visit, and made your day extra special..

  9. What a beautiful sunrise! I love watching both sunrises and sunsets. We have a bird feeder on our kitchen window so I can watch the birds as they come and go all day. I just love anything having to do with nature (well, except for bug bites).

  10. Crape jasmine is wonderful flower it is known as chandni in our hindi language . It is popularly used in garlands . Thanks for sharing with Garden Affair.


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