I am with another Warakapola wall mural!

Yes, this is another mural from Warakapola town, Sri Lanka. This time, I captured a bus stop shelter that had a new look after decorating with these beautiful murals.

Commonly called ”Bus Halt” in Sri Lanka, the bus stop shelter is really a helpful space for people who are waiting for a public transport bus. Therefore, making it beautiful with such great artwork is really admirable.

This mural features Sri Lanka,the soldiers and also a temple

In my previous post about Warakapola town street art, I shared that I noticed another street art at the bus stop and here is it. It was another group of youngsters who decorated this bus stop shelter with their beautiful and colourful artwork.

Warakapola Wall mural at a bus stop shelter

A Warakapola wall mural featuring soldiers and a temple

I am sure the above picture features the Thalagama temple which I could visit a few years ago. From this bus stop, it is only around 2km to reach this temple and with my knowledge, it is the only temple in Sri Lanka that replicates Sanchi Stupa of India.

This Warakapola wall mural gave a new look to the bus stop shelter

Anyway, it was still not fully completed at the time I was capturing these. As you notice in the above picture, there is a clothesline with hanging rugs and pieces of clothes and it was not yet opened for others to enter.

Another talented work by the youth of Warakapola!

If you visit Sri Lanka and then Kandy, be sure to spot this bus stop shelter at Warakapola town 🙂

Location: Bus stop shelter at the junction that starts Warakapola- Mirigama Road, Sri Lanka

Other activities and attractions in Warakapola , Sri Lanka

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  • Shopping

Do you like street murals? Please share your thoughts in a comment. 🙂

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  1. …it certainly is colorful, but I like the left side better than the soldiers! Thanks Amila for sharing, enjoy your week.

  2. A very colourful mural at the “bus halt” would give people waiting something to look at 🙂
    Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Amila.

  3. I wish our bus shelters were so well decorated, there are some talented artists in Sri Lanka. You’ve inspired me to look for more street art when I go out. (which is not often, but I will look!)

  4. That’s great the the young people are using their talent to improve the shelters. The bright colorful art would make waiting go quickly. I enjoyed these!!


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