This week I want to feature some captures of Blue Pea Flowers, also known as Butterfly pea. In Sri Lanka we call this flower as ‘Nil Katarolu’. These flowers are common in Sri Lanka and there is also a white variety.
Blue Pea Flowers -Nil Katarolu
Nil Katarolu
I’ve seen many recipes using this flower including blue pea tea; however I am not familiar with any Sri Lankan recipe.I found this as a natural food colouring to create the colour blue.
As far as I know, in Sri Lanka we use these flowers to beautify home gardens or for any decorations.
Blue Pea Flowers -Nil Katarolu
Butterfly Pea Flowers

Do you like these Blue Pea flowers?Please share if you have any experience with Blue Pea flowers (Nil Katarolu flowers)


    • Hi Dominique, my intentions are to comment to Amila but the system seems not to like me right now, so I hope you don't mind me tagging along with you, no to mention I also love flowers :).

      Amila these are some great pictures and that blue comes across be nice.

      Now you both have a wonderful rest of the week.


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