Nil Manel Flowers from Sri Lanka (Blue Lotus)
Nil Manel Flowers from Sri Lanka

Called as Blue Lotus or Blue water Lily aka Nil Manel   is the national flower of Sri Lanka. This flower is easily found in all parts of the country.

Nil Manel Flowers from Sri Lanka (Blue Lotus)
Blue Lotus

I was fortunate to capture these flowers during my previous visit to Sri Lanka. Actually I captured these flowers from a home garden found in Athurugiriya area.(Wandurammulla)  They have nicely landscaped their garden and in one side there was a pond. The area was surrounded by paddy fields and this looked like a natural pond. I guess, they have left it as it is while constructing their home and filling the other areas of the land.


Nil Manel Flowers from Sri Lanka (Blue Lotus)

Anyway, did you notice the leaves of this plant? They are actually thick and waterproofed.

Nil Manel Flowers from beautiful Sri Lanka

Although these are beautiful and aromatic flowers to watch and to use in decorations, these are widely used for herbal medicine too.Other than that,we Buddhists use these Nil Manel flowers to offer Lord Buddha.
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  1. Beautiful to discover your shots with such gorgeous water lilies!! We, also, have a kind of specie called "Nymphaea lotus f. thermalis", at Baile Felix a termal water resort in Romania, Europe and in various parts like Delta of Danube. So glad to see your pics!! Have a good day!


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