We are just after a short trip to Phnom Penh Cambodia. So I want to share our Phnom Penh Itinerary before I forget some details. 🙂 Cambodia was on our bucket list for a long time; however, our first plan was to visit Siem Reap, which is one of the popular destinations in Cambodia. But, for many reasons, finally, we decided to choose Phnom Penh for this short holiday which was just 4 days in Cambodia. Till I write more details about Phnom Penh city and things to do in Phnom Penh in detail, here is our itinerary which was really relaxed and enjoyable. Instead of visiting many attractions in Phnom Penh, we wanted to make this trip a relaxing holiday that gives us more time for our kid to enjoy with us.

The past few months were busy for us. We are just after a holiday in Sri Lanka. We even experienced a  five days itinerary around Singapore. So, it was a bit tiresome and we didn’t want to walk around a lot. But we wanted to visit another country too!

After getting our Cambodia visa from the Royal Embassy of Cambodia in Singapore, we started planning our trip. We booked our flight tickets from Jet Airways which is a popular budget airline. Although it says Jet Airways is popular as a budget airline, actually it was not budgeted with quality as we expected. We were a bit nervous about our flight experience as this was the first time we travelled on a budget airline. It was easier for us to save some money from the services which we don’t want to use such as checked luggage. Overall we had a great experience with the Jet Airways flight to Phnom Penh.

Phnom Penh itinerary with kids
Our kid enjoyed his time at the Frangipani Royal Palace Hotel. It is located within walking distance to most of the major attractions in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Our hotel stay for the 3 nights was Frangipani Royal Palace Hotel in Phnom Penh and that’s the best selection we did for our trip. The hotel is strategically located near most of the popular attractions in Phnom Penh such as the Royal Palace, Museum, Riverside, and Wat Ounalum. We could walk to these places in a few minutes and therefore we didn’t feel much tired with our 3 years old kid.

We could enjoy good food, beautiful views, and friendly staff during our stay at the Frangipani Royal Hotel in Phnom Penh.

Here is our sample itinerary for 4 days in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. However, I don’t want to add timing or even having meals to this itinerary as these are common things to do in any place. Also, don’t forget a VPN for travellers when you plan your holiday. A VPN will ensure you are safely connected to Wi-Fi in public places.

Our Cambodia, Phnom Penh itinerary for 4 days 3Nights with the kid

Day 1: (Arrival Day)

Walk along the Riverfront area (Sisowath Quay)

Day 2

Morning : National Museum

Afternoon: The Royal Palace

Evening: The Kids City Asia

Day 3


Wat Phnom

Phsar Thmey

City Tour with views of Phnom Penh Floating Port, Night Market, and other street views (Tuk Tuk ride)


Wat Ounalom

Souvenir shopping

City Views


Dinner at the rooftop restaurant of the Frangipani Royal Hotel with beautiful views of the Tonle Sap River

Day 4:  (Departure Day)

Visit to the Independence Monument and Wat Langka

City tour including the views of Architectural buildings, Royal Palace Park

Here is our detailed itinerary. Hope these pictures from the capital of Cambodia will make you want to visit Phnom Penh soon!

Cambodia, Phnom Penh Itinerary in Detail

Day 1

We reached Phnom Penh airport at around 3.30 pm. Then we used a taxi to reach the hotel. The cost of the taxi was US$12.Finding a taxi was not difficult. There are taxi drivers at outside the airport and they reached us regarding our transport.

Frangipani-Royal-Palace-hotel-review-Phnom Penh-Cambodia
Our room at Frangipani Royal Palace Hotel was comfortable.We love this pretty look.

After relaxing for some time in the hotel room, we went out. We walked along the Sisowath Quay with the beautiful views of the Tonle Sap River.

Phnom Penh itinerary
Riverfront view (Evening walk along the Sisowath Quay)

The statue of Techo Meas and Techo Yort is one of the first attractions we found in Sisowath Quay when we just started walking along the riverside. We were fortunate to view the sunset with the views of Wat Ounalom while we were walking. The streets were busy with traffic and we noticed a lot of motorbikes in this beautiful city.

Sunset over Wat Ounalom

Day 2

On our day 2 of the Phnom Penh trip, we actually wanted to keep our kid happy and calm. We didn’t carry his stroller as we found Phnom Penh is not stroller friendly. So we wanted to plan the day with kids friendly attractions to keep kid happy while we explore Phnom Penh. Royal Palace and National Museum are just opposite our hotel. So we decided to visit these major attractions during the day. We had plans to visit the Kids City Asia in the evening to spend happy hours with our kid.

After our breakfast at the Frangipani Royal Hotel, we walked to the National Museum. The National Museum Building itself is just beautiful and attractive. We spent among the historical exhibits. As we are Buddhists and from Sri Lanka which is another Asian Country with a lot of historical attractions related to Buddhism, we could find some similarities in the exhibits and we enjoyed the place much. Our son had a good time walking along the museum and in the indoor garden.

Front view of Phnom Penh National Museum.We included this in to our second of Phnom Penh itinerary

We also wanted to watch the cultural show at the National Museum, however, finally, we decided not to buy tickets. Do you know why? We were in doubt about watching the cultural show with a kid. We were in doubt of him screaming and disturbing the others who watch the show. Anyway, we could listen to Khmer music while we were at the Royal Palace. That was one of the best experiences we had in Phnom Penh.

Read more: National Museum of Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh Things to do
You can buy tickets for the cultural show at the front of the National Museum of Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Well, back to our itinerary in Phnom Penh!

After visiting the National Museum, we returned to our hotel room and refreshed. On our way to the hotel room, we always experienced the street views and the views of the park opposite the Phnom Penh National Museum which is Veal Preah Man Park. This park is really beautiful with men facing four directions. However, we didn’t enter the park at any time during our stay. Later we found that this park which is also next to the Royal Palace was used for the cremation of the late King’s body.

Pnom Penh itinerary
Royal Palace -Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The Royal Palace is open to the public for limited time durations. It is open from 8 am to 11 am in the morning and from 2 pm to 5 pm in the afternoon. We refreshed ourselves and visited the Royal Palace in the afternoon when it opened at 2 pm. The Royal Palace is a magnificent place with beautiful buildings. There are different pavilions and buildings at the Royal Palace which are open to the public.

Cambodia Phnom Penh itinerary
Silver Pagoda

The silver Pagoda is one of the must see when you are in the Royal palace premises. We were amazed with all these beautiful structures and buildings.

We ended our day 2 in Phnom Penh making our kid excited. That’s the best kids friendly attraction in Phnom Penh. That is our visit to the Kids City Asia!

Phnom Penh with kids
Our son enjoyed his time at the Toddler Town of Kids City Asia, Phnom Penh. It is the best kids friendly attraction we found in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Not only for the kids, but there are also other attractions such as riding go karts and lazer tag. We had around 3 hours before it closes for the day. Among all the activities we can do at the Kids City Asia, our son loved his time at the Toddler Town. Finally, we experienced riding go-karts. That was so much fun!

Cambodia-Phnom Penh with kids
Fun with Go Kart riding at the Kids City Asia – Phnom Penh

Oh, the poor boy ended the day crying. He wanted to spend more time with these activities. But we had to face the truth that we were there for a few days’ trip.

If you visit Phnom Penh, Cambodia, then don’t forget to experience the activities at this edutainment Centre. It’s so much fun!

Day 3

It is our last day to visit other attractions before we leave Phnom Penh. We decided to visit Wat Phnom which is the founding place of the city Phnom Penh. (As per legends)

Phnom Penh itinerary-tuk-tuk-rides
Starting another day in Phnom Penh! City tour by a Tuk Tuk is fun and it is the best way to explore the city with views of many attractions.

Hiring a tuk tuk in Phnom Penh is not that difficult. There are tuk tuks parked along the streets and most of the time we came out from the hotel, the drivers reached us offering their taxi service. To visit Wat Phnom , we hired a tuk tuk and the cost was $3.

Wat Phnom is a beautiful temple located in a hilly area. Inside the temple is full of Buddha statues while outside of the temple building is with beautiful structures and carvings.

Phnom Penh things to do
View of Wat Phnom (A must visit attraction in Phnom Penh Cambodia)

After spending time visiting Wat Phnom, we decided to visit the Central Market which is also known as Phsar Thmey. As one of the landmarks in Phnom Penh, this Central Market is popular for its unique building structure. It is a wonderful place to buy anything from fresh vegetables, and flowers to gems and jewelry.

Phsar Thmey (Central Market) of Phnom Penh,Cambodia
Phsar Thmey (Central Market) of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.The beautiful building makes this market as a unique landmark in Phnom Penh

After our lunch at an Indian restaurant located in the Riverfront area, we visited Wat Ounalom which is another major attraction in Phnom Penh.

Inside the Wat Ounalom, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

We didn’t forget to buy some souvenirs from a shop located near street 178

Day 4

Phnom Penh itinerary
Day 4 of our Cambodia Phnom Penh itinerary…It is time to leave. I really attracted to the flower arrangements of the Royal Palace Hotel. Those were really simple, yet elegant!

It is time for departure. We loved our stay in Phnom Penh. Especially we can’t forget the friendly people we met during our stay. The hotel staff at the Frangipani Royal Palace Hotel was amazingly friendly. They tried their best to keep us happy during our stay in Phnom Penh. The Tuk Tuk drivers and the tour guides we met around the city were polite and friendly. They tried to help us to visit more attractions during the short period of our stay. But it is time to say goodbye!

Phnom Penh attractions
Independence Monument -Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Before reaching Phnom Penh Airport, we visited the Independence Monument and Wat Langka which are other attractions in Phnom Penh.

The hotel staff helped us to arrange a taxi to reach the airport and we could visit Independence Monument and Wat Langka before reaching the airport. The cost for this taxi ride was $12.

Finally, it was an amazing tour of another Southeast Asian Country. We will visit Cambodia again. Still, Siem Reap is on our bucket list.

And, we didn’t forget to capture our family photo at the Frangipani Royal Palace Hotel. I am addicted to photo books. So, this photo will go to our year-in-review photo book this year! 🙂

Phnom Penh travel memories
Just before leaving the Frangipani Royal Palace Hotel – Phnom Penh, Cambodia (A family photo for our Year in Review Photo Book)

There are a lot of city views and detailed posts to write. Till that, enjoy reading our Cambodia Phnom Penh itinerary!



  1. Your itinerary made me tired just reading it. I’m surprised at how ornate some of the buildings are. The walk along the riverway looks very inviting as does riding in the tuk tuk.

  2. Such a fabulous trip! I felt like I was on your trip with you! Breathtaking photos Amila, I need to add Cambodia on my travel bucket list.


  3. That’s an amazing trip! Cambodia is not a place I really wanted to travel, but your post is starting to convince me otherwise. Lots of culture and places to go, even for kids. My daughter would probably love Kids City Asia as well. Looking forward to reading more of your travel posts. ^_^

  4. The architecture is very nice. It’s great to read your post with some awesome captures. Your itenary will be lot helpful to those who travel Cambodia.

  5. Looks like you really had fun! =) I wanted to visit Cambodia years ago when I was also in Thailand. But it did not push through. I would love to explore this country with my kids in the future.

  6. I just love the pictures. It’s a real beautiful place to travel and explore. Visiting a place from somebody’s eye is just awesome.

  7. The photos are really nice and fascinating! I haven’t been to any other SEAn country so I don’t know anything about most of the countries but after reading your post, I somehow got a bit of info about Cambodia, and of the places that travelers can go to. It’s cool that you travel as a family because I think that’s rare, especially that you have a kid. With his photo at Kids City, I can feel how happy he was, then on the last photo, your family picture, I think he’s quite sad knowing that you need to leave the place.

  8. It is nice to have an itinerary for family! I would love to go to Cambiodia too. It has been on my list for a long time. I am inspired to make it happen by your post.

  9. Wow, what a whirlwind of an adventure you’ve been on! The Frangipani Royal Palace Hotel looks incredible! I am blown away by the architecture everywhere. What a stunning place. It is a culture completely different from mine which I feel would be rewarding to experience! I love the photo of your family at the end, it’s beautiful.

  10. I’ve always wanted to visit Cambodia and this made me want to visit the country more! Your adventure sure looked very fun and exciting. 🙂 Your photos are also very beautiful and perfectly taken! I hope our family would get to visit Cambodia some time soon. Thank you for sharing this itinerary 🙂

  11. It is like a repertoire. Nicely written. If you had added details about the statues in your cover image, then the reading pleasure would have been magnified. Anyways, it made an interested reading, keep it up.

  12. Seems my kind of trip. Cambodia is an interesting place. A high school friend is working as a nurse in Cambodia and she says a lot of good things about the country. I know getting here is not so hard since its near Philippines. Hope to visit this country soon, very very soon.

    Your photos are lovely. I cant imagine myself roaming around taking photos.

  13. Seems my kind of trip. Cambodia is an interesting place. A high school friend is working as a nurse in Cambodia and she says a lot of good things about the country. I know getting here is not so hard since its near Philippines. Hope to visit this country soon, very very soon.

    Your photos are lovely. I cant imagine myself roaming around taking photos.


  14. The Royal Palace Hotel is really beautiful. I hope to see more great photos of Cambodia and more stories about the place. I love to learn a lot about the places especially in Asia.


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