Wat Ounalom-Phnom Penh-Cambodia

Located facing the riverfront area along the Sisowath Quay, Wat Ounalom is one of the Buddhist temples that you must visit in your trip to Cambodia, Phnom Penh. As one of the major attractions suggested for things to see in Phnom Penh, this Buddhist temple attracts majority of the visitors to Phnom Penh as a place for learning about the Buddhist culture.So, it was same for us. During our recent Phnom Penh trip, we didn’t forget to visit the Wat Ounalom in an afternoon.

Wat Ounalom – Why is it popular as Eyebrow Temple?
Wat Ounolam Pagoda/Stupa
Wat Ounolam Pagoda/Stupa

This temple is also popular as eyebrow temple.Named as King Ponhea Yat in Khmer, the language of Cambodia  which means ‘Eyebrow Temple’ ,this Buddhist temple has a historical value.As per records,Wat Ounalom was built in 1443.The stupa of the temple contains an eyebrow hair (ounalom) of Lord Buddha which makes this temple a sacred place.

Our visit to Wat Ounalom and interesting things to see

Wat Ounalom-Phnom Penh-Cambodia

The day we visited Wat Ounalom was a bit sunny afternoon. The temple was not so crowded. So we could spend time watching the beautiful sculptures and statues. The temple building is with beautiful architectural features and decorations with highlights of the golden temples.

Wat Ounalom-Phnom Penh-Cambodia
This temple is a home for the Buddhist patriarch and serves as one of the major Buddhist center of the country. It is also known as the oldest Buddhist foundation in the city of Phnom Penh.
Wat Ounalom-Phnom Penh-Cambodia
Buddha Statues at the temple grounds

We visited the temple and we could meet and talk with some Buddhist monks too. That was a great opportunity for us as we could talk about Buddhism and close religious relationships between Sri Lanka and Cambodia.

Inside the shrine room

If you visit Phnom Penh city,don’t forget to visit this beautiful temple.It also provides beautiful views of riverfront when you are in the top level of the Buddhist temple.

Wat Ounalom-Phnom Penh-Cambodia
View of riverfront from the top level of Wat Ounalom,Phnom Penh
Helpful tips to Visit Wat Ounalom
Wat Ounalom-Phnom Penh-Cambodia
Cyclos at the entrance of the Wat Ounalom

Location: Samdech Sothearos Blvd Central Phnom Penh

Entrance fee: Free attraction. No entrance fee. However, you can donate money for the temple if you like.

Opening Hours: 06:00-18:00

Please wear appropriate clothes when you visit this temple.(Shoulder covered, long dress at least upto the knee).Please read this post on how to visit a Buddhist Temple.

It is Located at the riverfront area which you can easily walk in the same trip to riverfront.

At the gate of the temple, there are people who ride cyclos. After visiting the temple, you can hire a cyclo for a city visit if you like such a ride.

There are tour guides available who also owns tuk tuks. If you like to visit other attractions, you can easily find a tour guide who is also a tuk tuk driver.



  1. This is so cool, I love the temples. I went to Seam Reap a few months ago and visited tons of temples. We were able to talk to the monks too. It was one of the coolest things we did because we learned a lot about the religion too. I hope to get to Phnom Penh one day soon, Cambodia is awesome!!

    • At first we had plans to visit Seam Reap.But we couldn’t make it with the difficulties of booking a flight as it was a long weekend here.Hope you will visit Phnom Penh soon,same we plan to visit Seam Reap soon… 🙂

  2. This temple is quite ornate and beautiful. I find it interesting how major temples in many religions have an artifact from one of the fundamental icons of the religion housed in an alter or some other feature of the temple. I like that you can speak to the monks at this temple to discuss their religion.

  3. I was just in Cambodia in January! What an epic adventure and such an eye opener! Their culture is WORLDS different from my own, so it was so fascinating and I would definitely go back to explore more (when its cooler)… And I really want to eat their curry again, ha ha!

  4. Such an amazing architecture. I love these temples! Those golden details are amazing. This must be a piece of heaven on earth.

  5. I studied History of Architecture in college and your pics are exactly why I was drawn to such beauty. I find the details stunning!

  6. If it was built in 1443, no wonder it is the oldest Buddhist temple in the city. I am still curious why it is called ‘eyebrow’. Does the temple represent an eyebrow of a god? It’s great that you shared with us the appropriate attire. Some touristsmight want to wear shorts or anything above the knee and slevepess considering the temperature in Cambodia.

  7. Cambodia sounds like a very interesting country to visit. I sure would love to see these temples up-close, which I only get to see in my postcards! This one is particularly very interesting, the name Eyebrow Temple sure sounds intriguing, especially if you do not know the reason behind it. I sure would love to see this with my boys one day!

  8. Cambodia is really an exquisite place. It’s lovely to see your photos. Makes me feel that I am there as well, by just looking at your photos. That Eyebrow Temple is really eye catching. ?

  9. Stunning exteriors and interiors! I so want to visit the temple now. Seems to be well maintained and looks so freshly painted.

  10. Oh this is pretty extraordinary. The eyebrows caught my attention. Haven’t heard of something like this associated with a temple. It is pretty intriguing.

  11. Hi Amila, this place is very nice. Being into photography, I think I can spend a day just roaming around the place. Seems there are a lot of interesting subjects to capture.

    Lovely photos by the way.

  12. I actually haven’t considered visiting Cambodia, until now. 🙂
    I love temples and sacred places, and the ‘eyebrow temple’ made me intrigued. What is more, the fact the place is not overcrowded makes me happy, since I have more time to look around in peace. The best thing is that you can actually talk to the Buddhist monks. Cambodia and the eyebrow temple go on my ‘to visit’ list. 🙂

  13. The temple is indeed a beauty. The structures and architecture are impressive. I always dream of visiting Cambodia someday. Primarily because of its temples. Secondly, because I would love to see its culture.

  14. Cambodia has that remarkable beauty that is most of the time is underrated. Just look at these beautiful temples, you can’t see this in places in the West. Stunning and breathtaking.

  15. Whoah, the history behind the Wat Ounalom sounds interesting! Though it is not the typical story in most temples but sure it makes this place interesting. Plus the idea of the temple as well, it looks awesome. I hope you’ve had an amazing stay in Cambodia!


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