Yoda Wewa -Thissamaharama Sri Lanka
Yoda Wewa -Thissamaharama Sri Lanka

Built by King Mahanaga (as per ancient records) in the late 3rd Century BC and situated in between Thissamaharama to Yala main road, Yoda Wewa is an ancient reservoir of Sri Lanka which still provides water and irrigation needs to the people around. The exact location we see this ancient tank of Sri Lanka is Yodakandiya (A small town in between Thissamaharamaya and Kirinda).

Yoda Wewa -Thissamaharama Sri Lanka

In our previous holiday in Sri Lanka, Thissamaharamaya was one of the places we visited and I could capture few photos of this tank.(Yodha Wawa),however these were captured from the running vehicle and not the captures I really wanted. Sometimes time also matters when we travel and on that day our aim was to reach Ruhunu Maha Kataragama Dewalaya. So, I had to happy with these captures. 🙂

Yoda Wewa Bund is about 2400 feet long with the height of 15 feet. The tank carries a capacity of around 31,500 acre feet of water. Therefore it is the main source of irrigation facilities to the paddy fields around the area making Yodhakandiya, Thissamaharamaya areas as agricultural areas which produce a major portion of rice harvest of the country.

Paddy Fields-Thissamaharamaya

Above is just a capture of a paddy field which I captured in Yodhakandiya.These paddy fields were just opposite the Yodha wewa and thought it is nice to share with this post.

If you visit Sri Lanka and visit the Yala National Park,you will see these landmarks along your route from Thissamaharama to Yala.In our visit,we didnt have much time to stay or relax,however we could visit few temples and ancient places of southern Sri Lanka.Hope to visit these places again and most probably,some nice captures!

Whenever I have some free time,I really enjoy by visiting other travel blogs and weekend linkups are a great source to find some recent travel posts.So,this week I am linking with Weekend Travel Inspiration #wkendtravelinspiration hosted by Albom Adventures and other great travel bloggers.

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  1. My friends who have visited Sri Lanka have really raved about it, but I don’t remember them mentioning this place. So, thanks for the local perspective. I sometime have trouble getting good photos from a moving car, too. Thanks for linking up with #WkendTravelInspiration.

    • The original Yoda Wewa is probably built by the Naga’s ,not Sinhalese .Nagas and Yakkas were some of the original groups inhabiting Sri Lanka during the time Vijaya landed in 6th Century BC. History is written by the victors so,lot of the written history ignores before 6th Century BC. In a similar way to how Maori’s in New Zealand ignore the previous inhabitants. However, physical creations like Yoda whew is evidence of an advanced civilisation existing at the time of Vijaya’s landing. Prince Vijaya was not allowed to be king until he married a local. This shows the people had power

  2. I have never been to Sri Lanka, nor did I know what to expect. Interesting photos. I am confused as to what is from the 3rd century as to me, that building looks much newer than that.


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