It’s not just moving around with your prized gadgets, but also working with them to get your jobs done all in the calm and serenity of your favorite hangout spot, like the Grand Canyon or a remote beach in an exotic location.

Before you pack your bags and say goodbye to the noisy city life check our list of four of the newest gadgets that every digital nomad must own for working and blogging on the road:

1. Upright

while travelling, are you tired of back pains caused due to a poor posture? and no matter how motivated you are to correct your posture, it’s always back to square one? Not to worry. You have Upright. It’s the newest wearable that keeps a check on your posture and warns you about it. How cool is that? Just wear it for about a quarter of an hour to an hour a day and connect the device to the Upright app and you’re done. If you happen to stoop, the wearable will gently vibrate to warning to correct your poor posture. It’s very easy to use it and people have noticed considerable change in their posture. Even if you stop using it, you still learn to keep your spine straight; thus getting rid of niggling back pains and making you feel better overall.

2. BirkSun Backpack

In your pursuit of nomadic nirvana digitally, you are sure to come across places and situations where your beloved gadgets are running out of juice. You might be transiting through a desert, forest or just pure wilderness. What do you do once your smartphone is totally out of charge? BirkSun Backpack saves the day. It’s a backpack – a solar one that has solar panels embedded on it. Within minutes of being exposed to the sun, it starts charging your portable devices. It is highly durable, light in weight and most importantly – waterproof.

3. SlotFlops

While lingering and wandering in a foreign land, there is always the chance of being robbed or getting mugged. Wallets, handbags, cash are most susceptible to theft and robbery. Imagine if you can keep cash, credit cards and your other valuables stashed inside the sole of your flops. SlotFlops does just that. It’s a blessing for the security conscious or for that matter, anyone who loves to go to the beach or a secluded spot without being robbed of their valuables. Your back is free of the burden too of carrying heavy bags.


4. Kensington Laptop Lock

It goes without saying that working remotely is synonymous with working on a laptop. No doubt, you can work remotely on a PC or Mac while at home, but you just can’t carry your heavy computer outdoors. You carry your laptop with you and when you carry your laptop with you, there are always prying eyes who would love to steal your beloved lappy while you are away, relieving yourself in the restroom. In order to save you all this trouble and hassle, Kensington has designed a laptop lock that locks your lappy to the table or to the belt around you with a combination system. It consists of a push button for easy operation while the T-bar very neatly secures the lock to your laptop. The lock also comes with a cable that recoils itself and can be stretched to 6′. It also shrinks to 3” to enable easy packing.

So digital nomads, rejoice! Carry these with you and you are assured of a smooth and a hassle free journey while you quench your nomadic thirst albeit digitally.


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